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No Post today.

That title reminds of the Herman’s Hermit’s song “No Milk today”. I’ve come down to the Coast to visit MDW and say hello (actually, goodbye) to one of our cats that is beginning to fail. This may be the last time I see him.

Before I go back to the bush, I’ll see if I can get some pics of the beach to show you. I can’t guarantee anything because the traffic down here is murder!!!

I did write a bit in yesterday’s comments if you want something to read (it’s not much but I guess it’s better than nothing, or maybe not).

7 Responses

  1. Have fun on the coast!!

  2. Is that all there is, my friend? Then let’s keep dancing….That was my first thought when I read your post and now that song is gonna stay in my head all day long….

  3. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the coast even though saying goodbye to your cat must be sad.

  4. OK, I’m getting a bit misty over here. Give your kitty a hug for me.

  5. It always strikes me as terribly odd when one posts to say that there will be no post today. I expect that breaks some fundamental rule of physics — maybe.Btw, trying something new with Visible Wear, if you care to peruse the beginnings…

  6. Thinkin’ of you….sending cyberhugs if that helps any…Today is my dad’s 75th birthday. He has no idea what day it is, but he sure did like the cake.

  7. Thanks for the kind kitty thoughts. I’ll do a proper post later tonight.James – I thought EXACTLY the same thing as I was writing the ‘no post’.

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