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You can tell you’re getting old if…..

This is a recycled post but I don’t think anyone (except maybe Robin) saw it the first time around.

You can tell you’re getting old if you can recognise these ageing rockers, and for a bonus point can you tell where they are?

Here’s another pic to give a bit of a clue as to where they are.

It was a long hot drive back from the Coast and I’m buggered, that’s why I’m taking the easy way out with this post, sorry. I did reload the original picture to be a bit bigger and I added the second pic, so I wasn’t totaly slack.


12 Responses

  1. Crosy, Stills and Nash?or Kiss?

  2. I remember when you posted this the first time! But I never checked back to see who they were. I have absolutely NO IDEA!

  3. Okay, I went to a Crosby, Stills and Nash website and I’m going to agree with “no” that that’s who it is. The dude with the giant mustache, receding hairline and long hair gave it away.

  4. Seals and Crofts.One of my fave’s.♥Pam

  5. Hey…….deja vu! :)Nothin’ wrong with recycling.

  6. I do remember it, but I had no clue!! This time,i looked at it a bit better and I think it may be Crosby Stills and Nash?

  7. I’m with the rest of the gang – Crosby, Stills and Nash.Or is it Crosby, Still, Nash and YOUNG?? I can’t remember when Neil left the band…

  8. Yes it’s Crosby Stills and Nash. The venue is Candlestick Park (the last place the Beatles performed live), and was after a Braves v Giants game.Extra credit goes to Robin for managing to not only use the name of one of their early albums, but to us it in the right context. Well done all, you’re getting old.Tiggerlane – Neil has left the band. (in case that’s too esoteric, it’s an Elvis reference).Pam, too bad. Seals and Crofts was one of my favourites too.

  9. I got here too late….. but I did figure it out b4 I posted.Of course, I could be just saying that. That is one of the few groups I recognize

  10. Well, I know I’m getting old, but I had no idea who they were!! Which is possibly because I am getting old…it’s a vicious circle…..

  11. Crosby Stills and Nash – at Candlestick Park. (I am doing this without reading anyone else’s comments.)

  12. How was the trip? Did the earth shake? Do you guys have a romantic reunion when you reunite, or is it kind of awkward. Are you always ready to leave, or is it hard?Does she read your blog? Does she like it?

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