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This is what blogger needs

Someone needs to pop the hood and see what’s wrong with this piece of shit. And I’ve got some tools they can use if they need them. I don’t know whether it’s social engineering or not (trying to get us to move to beta blogger, hey I take beta bloggers for my heart condition) but this version of blogger sure is useless these days.

I know it’s free but that’s no reason for it to be crap. I’m only posting this to see what happens, it just seems to go around in circles when it tries to publish.

**Updated. This just gets worse and worse, first it wouldn’t publish, then it published the same thing twice. Then it wouldn’t delete the extra post, it shows up on the blog but it doesn’t show in the post list. I think we are approaching meltdown.


19 Responses

  1. OOh – I tried to comment on the first post, but was told “We were unable to complete your request”Yeah – I see a tool right there, a hammer – smash the bad server

  2. That publishing do hickey going round and round is really annoying..I thought it was just mine…

  3. I’m getting mad now!

  4. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Cosmic paybacks for dissing me and insinuating I had gone slap crazy….Muaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! 😀

  6. I’m pretty sure this is all just happening because you were born on the cusp.According to my astrology book you should switch from Blogger to Moveable Type.

  7. Hammertime!

  8. I had a few choice explitives for blogger last night for the same exact problem. My computer almost went flying across the room.Then I remembered the remote and sat on my hands.

  9. I feel for ya, when I first switched to Beta it was pretty buggy. Aside from not being able to comment on some un-beta blogs, I really like it now. I agree though, free shouldn’t mean you have to settle for crap.Thanks for commenting on my puppy blues post, I responded to your comment :O)

  10. I used blogger.com for a number of years until it finally drove me to switch to WordPress (free!). Of course, with WordPress you need an actual host so I gave freepgs.com a try. Unfortunately while WordPress is a good kind of free, freepgs wasn’t — or at least not nearly as much. Now I’ve put a bunch of money into Dreamhost for a 2-year discounted hosting plan and I’ve been a happy little blogger since.As a reader of blogs still on blogger though I am getting really fed up with all the issues in loading blogs and getting comments posted. I’ve actually given up on posting comments just because blogger was misbehaving so badly.Bad blogger, bad!

  11. meltdown in54321___________________________

  12. Go give Robin one of your best “bag blogger” limericks.

  13. I thank you for being forthrightRegarding the plight on my siteYou saw my avatar’s frownAnd her head hanging downAnd you knew that it wasn’t quite right.I guess I could have just said “thanks”, but what fun would that have been?(Can you tell that I’ve just come from Robin’s blog?)

  14. Well, tell me if this one gets to your e-mail, Pete. I know you told me not to freak that I was the ONLY one who didn’t make it to your e-mail, but I am convinced that either my blog is possessed or else blogger just hates me and wants to make my stay here as difficult as possible. I’ll choose the screwdriver. I could do some real damage with that little sucker.

  15. I am thinking I am going to switch to beta? Come on WillowTree… jump with me.

  16. PS.. I admire your fine assortment of colored electrical tape.

  17. Nice tools!! Don’t know if they are right for the problem though!

  18. Susan…you’re addicted, eh?

  19. The thermos, I’m taking whatever’s in the thermos. Then I bet I won’t give a flip what Blogger’s doing :).

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