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Happy Halloween

We may not have it here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get into the spirit of things…..



Play Ball

ET and I used to play in a beer league softball team in SJ. This was the first time I had ever played the game and getting used to playing and catching with a glove on my non-dominant hand took some getting used to. But the main problem was that I had no idea how to play the game, that has since changed and in fact I’m a qualified baseball coach.

To give you an example of what it’s like to grow up in a country that plays cricket not baseball, I didn’t realise for instance that in the case of a run down, as an infielder you can’t grab the runner(who knew?). I also had trouble with depth perception (still do) which made me pretty much useless in the outfield too. So as with baseball, which I played for 10 years on my return to Oz, I ended up pitching.

Another thing that always eluded me was the slide. While I’ve taught (by explanation not example) many a young player how to successfully execute a hook slide, I never really got the hang of it, but that’s much later. This story is about softball.

At the time we were in the beer league, Pete Rose was still playing (this was before they crucified him), and if you know him you’ll know he was one of the best exponents of the head-first slide, I’ve seen him do it at first which is just plain dumb. On this particular occasion, ET was telling me all about the head-first slide and how effective it is. This was sage advice, problem is, ET was a footballer not a baseballer.

So now we’ve got a runner on 3rd (ET) and one out when there was a dink hit to right field. ET took off for Home and if you didn’t know it was him you could have swore he was a professional ball player. As he approached the plate he heard the coach yell "Slide", I’m not really sure why, because the ball was still in right field, having been dropped several times by the right fielder.

I could see the cogs ticking in ET’s head "This is my big chance to show that Aussie what a great ball player I am with a Pete Rose special" and with that he dove for  the plate. But there was a conflict between his ego and his commonsense, because no sooner had he dived when he tried to pull out of it. The result was an image that even now,  if it enters my consciousness (unbidden or otherwise) I’ll burst into laughter, regardless of where I am.

Have you ever seen Peppy La Peu? You know the skunk that is always chasing the cat with the paint stripe. You know the way he kinda bounces along after the cat? Well that’s what ET looked like in amongst the great cloud of dust he created. Here’s ET bouncing into home plate on all fours in a cloud of dust. But wait (as they say in the knife advertisements), there’s more. Because his idea was to slide head first into home, he timed his slide different to where he would have started if he had decided to bounce in, consequently his slide finished about 18 inches short of the plate.

So here’s ET frozen about a foot and a half short of home plate, stunned and doing his best dog impersonation, and thereby giving the ball all the time it needed to get to the catcher for the tag.

Another little visitor

100_1492Yesterday the dogs were going crazy out by the side fence. I thought that I may have had visitors (of the human kind), because that’s where they usually park.

But when I went to check all I saw was (hey that’s a palindrome) the guys barking like mad at something on the other side of the fence. This picture was taken by leaning over the fence (and aiming the camera at the subject whilst pressing the shutter button), this post seemed a bit boring to me, sorry about the dorking off. It may be hard to make out what it is so I’ll include a bigger version.

The holes you can see were dug buy this little guy, and for some strange reason he is trying to get under the fence to where the dogs and cats are waiting for him.

These cute little fellas are called echidnas, they are like a small porcupines but without the nasty habit of shooting their quills, I’ve had to take a dog to the vet’s after a porcupine encounter and it’s not pretty.


**Update: I couldn’t get a picture of the little guy’s face, this is a defensive position, so I searched the net for you guys and found a picture that shows what they look like. Ironically it’s from the UC Berkley site….


Another Halloween drawing

Well, we made it back safe and sound and the universe is finally back in sync. MDW doesn’t have Bloglines setup on her computer so I did virtually no reading for the last few days( I was too busy killing her system and breaking her mouse, more on that later). When I got back I fired up the old computer and spent what seemed to be hours catching up. I left no comments anywhere because I didn’t want to still be at the machine tomorrow morning. But trust me, if you wrote something I read it.

Now as promised before I left for the Coast, another Halloween drawing…..


Now before you start calling me a twisted, perverted misogynist (which, granted I am) I copied this from a comic book. While I have the technical capability to draw this, I don’t have the creative ability.  And I suppose that may be a good thing.

Cats and Dogs

The main practical difference between Cats and Dogs is one of dependency, if you go to the letter box to check your mail, when you come back inside your doge will be in a high state of anxiety. "Where the hell you been!? I could have died of hunger or starvation or something".

With cats it’s a little different, if you go on a world tour, when you return they may look up an acknowledge you presence, but then they may not. Their response is more like "Hey man, haven’t seen you for a while".

The point of these ramblings? Pamela asked what I did with the animals when I traveled. As I usually only travel to our house on the Coast, I take the dogs with me. The cats I leave at the property. They are outside cats anyway and it’s not unusual for them to be away for a few days themselves. I make sure there’s water and some food, they take care of the rest.

And now as a reward for reading this nonsense, here a cute picture…


We’re still on the Coast but I’m about to have a showeer and head North. I’ll post when I get back to the bush.

I’m OK.

Thank you everyone for your touching concern, well thank you at least  to the couple of you who asked where I was (and you know who you are). Fact is I’m at MDW’s for a couple of days. A friend of mine got a new puppy and I decided to go and have a look, as he lives about an hour North of MDW I thought I might as well pay her a visit too. When I got here I decided to stay for a while.

While I think of it, some of you have noticed (and asked) about me going back to MDW from her initials. While initials worked ok for MBF going to ET (we all got a laugh out of that one) it didn’t work out so well for the change from MDW to BJ (think about it).

I should be back at the property some time tomorrow.

Now I’m getting Freaked Out.

I swear I gots ta get me one o’ them tinfoil hats! That darn Robin over at Pensieve has got a satellite up there picking up my thoughts. It’s bad enough that whenever she makes a comment it’s usually something that I had considered and discarded, then I have to go back and edit, sheesh! But this time she’s gone too far.

The other day I took some photos while I was waiting for a download, not all of them made them into the post one of them was this one, …


I was going to put it in a separate post when we had a really hot day and make a joke out of it. But when I saw Robin’s Post I just had to post it. Incidentally, I didn’t include the link to her post out of courtesy, you should go and read this one, while I’m not much for poetry( I did like this one)  I know a lot of you guys are into it.

While you’re at it, Pamela did another one of her interesting historical pieces the other day.