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I bet you wish your gofers were this neat!

This particular part of Australia is renowned for having the neatest, most precise gofers in the southern hemisphere. Here’s just a small sample of their handiwork…

Ok, so I’m bullshiting again. I just can’t help myself, in fact we don’t even have gofers in Oz! This is how the holes were made…

And this is why I made them…


25 Responses

  1. Men and their “equipment”….:/That third picture…something about it…I like it!

  2. You had me going. See not so smart after all.

  3. LOL – you are to funny!

  4. Man, I’m still a fuckwit.

  5. hhhmmm…you own a gofer-hole-digging tractor?

  6. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Haha, I strongly doubted the existence of such precise gophers but I thought “well, maybe on that side of the world…”

  8. Just call me gullible. pam – like the new pic. the drawing was a great rendition, though.

  9. I absolutely love the last photo…neat perspective!Also, I need globbing lessons…your new masthead is to be envied. I can’t even figure out how Julie and Ree get their flickr images on theirs…BTW, a few more posts on “the story” are up – in case you’ve missed them.

  10. ditto, “C”ditto, “no”ditto, “mary”ditto, “robin”I’m just a “ditto” this morning, because I’ve only gophed a few times in my life ….

  11. So, my question is: What are you keeping out – OR what are you keeping in?

  12. You had me going there for a minute. It kind of reminded me of my dearly departed dad, he used to tell the best stories! My mother would ruin it later and tell us that he made it up, I’d rather just enjoy the moment, TYVM! Thanks for reminding me that being gullable can be enjoyable, again. I think * wanders off to ponder*

  13. Hahah I was going to say, after seeing the first picture, that you should drop some fence posts in those gopher holes… as they have done all the hard work for you. But it looks like your super sized drilling machine/doohickey did the hard work for you.Those things look like fun.

  14. ditto “pamela”.At first when I read the title, I read “GOLFER”, then I re-read and realized you wrote “GOPHER”. Then I thought “Holy Cow! What kind of freakish gopers do they have in Australia!”, then I saw the giant hole-boring piece of equipment, and now I feel like an idiot.

  15. Thanks to everyone who spelled gopher correctly, and thank you for not pointing out I spelt it wrong (you like the way I used two diferrent spellings there, just covering all bases). When I wrote it, it didn’t look quite right but I was too lazy to look it up. As we don’t have any gophers in Oz, it’s not a word you see too often.

  16. Hi, Celebrity here.I had to help dig fence posts once. But we had to do it without that big fancy man machine.I did however get to ride in the combine, on the tractor, and drive the riding lawn mower as a young child, so I suppose one summer of child labor wasn’t that bad.

  17. I didn’t even notice that you misspelled it! And I just now noticed that I misspelled gopher in my last comment. OOPS! Guess the disease is spreading…

  18. You are SOOOOO in my league, hon!! 🙂

  19. OH…gophers. For some reason, I thought you meant those people on movie sets who go fer things for the big stars. I kept wondering why Mel Gibson sent his go fer guy/gal out to do that….

  20. Nice holes. Nice fence. Love your new masthead. You sure have purty animals!

  21. LOL, I was in awe for a second there, since nothing I do is ever in a straight line!Come do that to our property too! We have some pesky neighbor kids to keep out.What are you keeping out? Or in?

  22. momto3cubs,It’s got to be either a) Kangaroosb) Crocodile Dundeec) CanadiansI’m guessing a or b because Marnie is clearly still on the loose. Plus Dundee had that cool ass hat, and WT is already a self-confessed dress-up maven.

  23. I love that third photo. Don’t know what it is about it, but I love it. That is going to be a pretty nice fence. Sure wish we had some heavy machinery like that. I have post-hole diggers. It must be animal day/night. I just put meerkats up on my blog. You gopher. Me Meerkat. 🙂 Ha! ROFL!!I better get to bed. Have a great day!

  24. Man, I can’t believe I missed that spelling error.

  25. Me, either, MJ (et al…)

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