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The cats demanded equal time

The cats are getting pissed at all the attention the dogs have been getting lately and have threatened to go on strike if things don’t change. I’m not sure exactly what a cat strike would entail. Maybe they’d refuse to be totally loyal and dependent pets, or worse, maybe they’d stop obeying commands. Shit I don’t know if I could handle it if the cats wouldn’t fetch a ball anymore, or sit or roll over.

This is a picture of when I first brought them in, up until then the mother had them hidden on the property somewhere, but when she figured they could eat solids she brought them to the back door. Getting them in was fun, they hissed and scratched like crazy and eventually wore themselves out.


They love this box,  too bad I spent all that money on a proper cat house.


I’d really like to show you some pictures of them in action, but most of the time this is what they do.


But they do at least do it in different places. Oh yeah, that’s the trunk from the other picture. And that’s a blanket that my Aunty the nun hand stitched my initials on.




17 Responses

  1. Do you lay your clothes out in the morning to wear, then turn around and your cat is curled up on them? When I take off my PJ’s in the morning, thats the first place she looks for a snuggle up. Have you always liked cats, or did they just claim ownership of you and you relented? (Thats what happened to the hubby. He sits down on the recliner, and the cats in his lap before he can open the newspaper.) (no word verification on three attempts… just a blank widget. blogger playing cat games)

  2. hehe..cat games…funny..that is interesting, the thought of a kitty strike…

  3. I suspect that I would be a wheezing, sneezing mess if I ever showed up at your house. All those animals, and they look like they own the place. They do, don’t they? They just let you live there because they like your dress up outfits. And I am so JEALOUS. You have an aunty who is a nun? I always wanted a family member who was a nun or a priest. Think of the fun I would have drilling them at dinners….I secretly wanted to be a nun when I was in 4th grade. I even had my name picked out; Sister Mary Laurel. My teacher’s name was Sister Angelina and I loved her rosary beads and the way she swung them around. I guess I have some um…issues.

  4. I love cats. I’m allergic to them though. When I was little I had a cat I brought home from my grandparents’ farm and I carried her around like a purse.Now my daughter carries my mom’s cats around like purses and all I can think is, “oh god, don’t come over here with that cat hair.”I wish I could still be that innocent.

  5. Your cats certainly get along well. My girlfriend’s cats exist in some bizarre dynamic wherein one exists to chase the other. The one doing the chasing is a big, fat lazy cat too while the chasee is a skinny, nervous little thing.I’ll have to forward links to her with these last couple posts though. She should get a kick out of them 🙂

  6. Ahh cats. I would love to be a cat. I could sleep for 23 hours a day… then act like a spoiled princess and demand everyone’s undivided attention for the remaining hour of the day.I hope I come back as a cat in the next life.

  7. I am surprised that they sleep so well together – of course, being littermates, they are probably best buds. My cats all came at different times, so follow the cat heirachy rule (whose the toughest gets the mostest)

  8. i love cats. so cuddly. and scratchy. my cat turned on me when i moved out of my parent’s house. i had rescued that cat. does he remember? no. he hissed and attacked anytime i went to visit my parents.

  9. I just went out to the garage to make sure the cats were still alive, and they were licking each other way too much for my comfort level.

  10. Pamela – Yes they do, so does the Pug. Like all macho aussie males, I had no time for cats until I was about 25 and lived with ET and his wife, they had one that taught me how to like them and I’ve had them ever since.Laura – I also had a brother who was a priest (monk actually, the male equivalent of a nun) but most people don’t realise that the correct term for the guys who look like priests but aren’t is actually a monk.Melissa I – there are times that I’ve been temped to use these guys as purses (if you get my drift). Melissa II – Next step furball, I got these two fixed because they could get pretty kinky too.James and Karmyn – I agree, and it is because they are litter mates. Up until recently we had three cats at the other house and you would never see them sleep near each other.Marnie – I want to be a girl’s bicycle seat.Heather – that just proves he really is a cat.

  11. WT 1 – Alright, I’m cloned.WT 2 – They are fixed. That’s what’s most disturbing.

  12. I suddenly feel (yawn) like a nap (yawn) after looking at these pictures (yawn)….zzzzzzzz

  13. You want to come back as a woman’s bicycle seat – snort snort chuckle chuckle, Hee Haw

  14. I tell you, I’ve been a dog person for about fifteen years, but lately, I’ve really been loving the cats. They are so regal & distant & beautiful.And clean, compared to my dogs, who chew on dead steers in the dump all day.

  15. No No No!! Karmyn got MY line! I totally forgot what your post was when I saw your reincarnation wish (lol). IckIckIck…men are VILE ;).I guess this was a post about cats……no further comments necessary.

  16. CATS rule! Although I must say, the picture of your dog in the sidebar is too precious. That looks like a dog I could love.

  17. This makes me kind of miss kitties. I grew up with at least 3 cats always in the house. But, my husband is highly allergic to them so no more cats for me.

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