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Aww shucks, thanks guys.

As you would be aware, I’m normally pretty good about responding to comments in the actual comments section, but it seems that you’re only allowed 20 gazillion squigabytes for comments and you guys have used all of that. So I’ll have to do it in a post (god I hope my post is as long as the comments, how embarassing if it’s not).

I must be quite clear: I wrote it because I was genuinely amused at the diferrence between the two posts, not to garner sympathy or support (I didn’t know I could do that, if I did I would have come up with a sob story months ago). Having said that, the support was greatly appreciated. Being not only the youngest, but also much younger than my brothers I have the ‘look at me! look at me!’ gene, and praise is my raison d’etre (that’s french for I’ll take all you can give).

But to address the comments, (which would give Leo Tolstoy’s epic War and Peace a run for it’s money)…

Robin – next time you write a comment like that, you need to send me a couple of your Folger’s samples if I’m expected to stay awake all the way through. The whole ‘keeping you blog private’ thing makes my head spin, where’s the gratification in that?

I lost a few good sites too before it dawned on me that bookmarking might help. I’m not exactly sure how I found you, but I do remember the exchange, it had to do with cussing and balsamic vinegar (both of which I like). The Julie -> Cheeky -> Pensieve scenario sounds about right.

Ah ha, so I’m not the only one who has noticed that some blogs are just a collection of memes, and crap from somewhere else!! Yes, you found Ree through me, you even commented about it. And yes, you definitely have written the longest comment so far.

Jenny – Thank you for the sentiment (I mean it). And thank you for the advice, but you’re too late, I tried naked pictures but sadly they were of me and I had to rebuild my readership all over again after that faux pas (that’s french for fuck up).

Heather – The reason you don’t have a larger reader base is not because you’re opinionated, it’s because people have to be fully literate to read your blog, and that rules out a lot of bloggers. I must confess that some of your writings go over my head, your novella/short story stuff I love, but the reviews are a bit in depth for my simple tastes, plus some of the books you read are just plain depressing.

Claudia – Thank you for noticing that!! Subtle humour is not my forte so when it’s appreciated, it’s a real buzz.

Pamela – OK, so let me see if I’ve got this straight…you’re hooked on wry humour (it’s my Scottish background), you’re amused because only animals will live with me, I write about nothing, you’re here for the comments rather than the posts, swearing is not your thing but it’s ok for me to use it to supplement my paltry vocabulary, Ree actually is smarter than me, and you use bloglines. Have I missed anything? Thank you, I know what you mean.

Julie – That’s one of the idiosyncrasies of both language and youth. I too thought that ‘pimping my blog’ was similar to ‘pimping my ride’ until one day my niece showed me her cell phone, or rather all the crap she had stuck on it, and I said “hey you’ve pimped your phone”. She looked at me like I was old or something and said “no uncle Pete, I’ve blinged my phone”. So I guess what you were thinking is actually ‘blinging your blog’ .

Pimping your blog goes back to the real meaning of pimp. Going out and getting your blog seen by as many people as possible and leaving comments like “you need to visit my blog, I’ve just written something about you” or “you won something on my blog”.

Bloglines really is a timesaver, I used to laboriously keep checking everyone’s blog for entries but bloglines makes it that much easier. In fact I now I even have a firefox extension that indicates if any of the blogs I subscribe to have added new posts. If you want more info email me. But even easier is if you just click the bloglines button on my sidebar.

Momto3 – You aint just whistling dixie! Most of the blogs I read are women, the men seem to like politics or argument. You may be right, but knowing my luck, when my ship finally does come in, I’ll be at the airport!

Karmyn – Thank you, those are very nice sentiments (and I truly appreciate them). But even more importantly, you’re the only one who has pointed out that Ree is gross!!

James – You are actually the only male blogger I read regularly (and the only male that reads me, or at least leaves comments) thanks for the support. Thanks also for the advice, I think I’ll combine your pyrotechnic idea with one of mine. I can picture it now, the beans explode with such force that I’m thrown through a window severing my carotoid artery causing me to bleed to death. Now, if I can’t get some sympathy with that then I give up, well technically I can’t actually give up seeing as how death was the reason for my stopping rather than disdain, but that’s a minor issue. Almost forgot, those things you are talking about are either Balmain Bugs or Moreton Bay Bugs depending on where you live. In NSW its Balmain and QLD its the other one.

Ree – Thank you for trying to make me feel better, however the phrase ‘I average 400 to 500 a day’ – NOT HELPING. I really didn’t have any thought about blogging, the only reason I started (and I’ve said this elsewhere) is that I wanted to leave comments on your blog and it was a hassle unless I left them as anonymous (something I refuse to do). So I got a blogger account. Then it dawned on me “I might as well write something”.
I’ve always loved your photo contests, and yes I DID WIN THE FIRST ONE, unfortunately the gloss of that achievement was somewhat taken off by the next person I’m about to address, because SHE WON TWICE.

Susan – You won twice so I’m no longer talking to you.

Melissa – You promised!

Laura – Yeah that whole guilt thing is a bitch! I get it too. But some bloggers are so transparent, you only hear from them when you leave a comment on their blog. I’m not critising that, I think we all do it now and then. This is where Bloglines helps, it does save time. You’ve got to overcome that whole “I can’t post photos” thing. I’m really looking forward to some pics on your blog.

Robin – Where the hell did you come from!? You weren’t here when I started! I think your description of Pimping should go in Wikipedia. Don’t worry, Ree knows you meant her, that’s why she tried to out comment you. Now you’ve come back and commented again, that’s some serious dissing kiddo.

Amanda – Ahh.. that really does make it all worthwhile. (I really mean it). And where the fuck did you come from too. You weren’t here either when I started this.



9 Responses

  1. maybe.

  2. Where did I come from??? Where the hell did YOU come from???Did my blog scare you?I am soooo sorry!:)

  3. …and what about me?

  4. Amanda and Robin II, I meant that you weren’t in the comments when I started writing the post. I had the comments in one window and the post in another and was swapping back and forth. When I started there were only 13 comments, but when I got to the 13th, you guys had appeared in real time, and then when I posted, Ree appeared again.Beth – this post is in response to the comments of the previous post, you didn’t comment.

  5. Yeah, I know…just wanted to focus all the attention on me.

  6. I might have one twice, Pete, but (no offense to anyone else here), to date, in my opinion, you hold the honor of the most insanely clever photo title yet. I don’t think any other title has come anywhere near “A Case of Gender Discrimination.” It is just clever on so many levels – actually, it’s the whole reason I started reading your blog in the first place. Anyone who could come up with something so good had to be interesting…..and (for the record) I was right!!

  7. you are welcome!! I may not always comment on it, but I usually notice! 🙂

  8. Okay – totally off this subject, but I had a Barnes & Noble Gift Card, so I used it to buy a Tim Winton book – I think it is his first one Cloudstreet. I am looking forward to reading it.

  9. Heh, nicely done.And yes, I suppose my suggestion for a bolder, more firey cooking entry might have some kinks to work out. I suppose nobody would want”Perished in an explosive bean-related incident”to be written in their obituary…

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