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I had two visitors today.

I can’t spend much time on a post as I’ve got a visitor staying for a couple of days. He’s attached to the foot in this photo. I made him stand there so I could get some perspective on the lizard(the other visitor), which is called a Blue tongue but really just an oversized skink .


The good thing about this particular friend visiting is that his wife (who usually comes with him) is a production manager for Sanitarium, This means I always get a care package, and this is the one I got today.



15 Responses

  1. Okay 1) Did your friend wonder why you were taking photos of all the goodies? Or does he read you?2) Was this lizard harmless? Or did your friend wonder why HE had to stick his foot out there to get the photo?3) Did you think I forgot how to ask my questions?

  2. Does that lizard have legs and feet?Yum, Muesli. Love that stuff.

  3. Whoa, that’s a big lizard…or your friend has a really tiny foot. And I’ve wondered…what exactly is marmite? I assume it’s some sort of marmalade..but….

  4. Evidently my knowledge of snack brands is limited as my first though on reading Sanitarium was a hospital for the chronically or mentally ill. Then I wondered how one could be the production manager for such a facility and what a care package from there might consist of.Then my brain actually started working…

  5. Cool lizard! Yummy snacks! When my friends visit, they usually just bring their kids. And they mess up my house.

  6. Mmm, the care package looks good. What nice friends to have. (But keep the lizard far away, please! No doubt my boys would want to keep it as a pet!) And I’ll second Julie’s first question.

  7. Okay – just like James, upon reading this I thought Sanitarium was a hospital. I thought, “What will be in that care package? Band-aids, wipes, kleenex, disinfectant spray?” DOH…. I think it was the scary lizard that threw me off.

  8. Julie – No, I told him why I was taking the photos, and no he doesn’t read by blog. Unless its about, baseball he doesn’t ready anything.The lizard is harmless (though I’m not overly fond of them). He’s Ok with them and would have gotten closer but he didn’t want to scare it. I was kinda hoping you had forgotten how to ask ;)Heather – yes they have legs but they’re small compared to the body, they moved more like a snake than a lizard.Claudia – yet again you an I had the same thought. And the answer is…it’s a big lizard. The guy is 6’2″. Marmite is like Vegemite. I’m assuming you know what Vegemite is.James – You’re not a silly as you think! The brand name actually comes from from the definition you so kindly provided. Sanitarium is owned and operated by the Seventh Day Adventists (except for my friends wife, she got hired because of her expertise). Prior to starting Sanitarium Health Foods they owned and operated numerous hospitals, and still do to this day. (and in case any one is unaware, Adventists are vegetarian as are all the foods they make).Susan – The snacks aren’t only one reason that they have an open invitation to stay, the other is that they have no kids (they do, but he’s grown up).Kila – I’m with you on the whole lizard thing.Karmyn – A care package like you described would come in handy too. If I had’ve said “she works for ‘a’ sanitarium” you would have been 100% correct.

  9. no…the only thing I know about Vegemite is that Men at Work sing about it!

  10. Not all adventists are vegetarians.I’ve heard of vegetmite – but itsn’t it an australian thing? I’m thinking I tasted it somewhere and figured it was something you had to develop a taste for.I saw my first Skink when I was visiting Oklahoma. When I first heard the word I thought it was plural for skank hee hee

  11. Well I thought you wrote “Santorum” and I was trying to figure out why you would like that guy from Pennsylvania.I also thought you said that thing was part of your friend’s foot.Then I realized I should really wear my glasses when I’m on the computer.Enjoy your treats. 😉

  12. Yikes!! That is one big lizard.

  13. Oh, and thank you for the info about the c/claudia bit…that was really weird!

  14. I had to look for a bit to see the lizards legs. . .Wow! Big thing!Isn’t it nice to have friends that take care of you when they come to visit?

  15. Hey, look at me…I’m bloggin’ on my new notebook. While I cook chili in my kitchen. What can I say, I multi task…Hope you had a great visit…looks like I’ve missed some entertaining WT posts (to say the least!).Glad you’ve had company or I imagine I would have a heck of a lot more to catch up on. Thanks for all the traffic you sent me; your prize is in the mail.Off to stir the pot!!! More reading later :).

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