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Send all complaints to Julie, thank you.

Now this is a prime example of the need to use clear concise English. Julie’s most recent post is of some photographs of the moon. She wanted to invite people to display their own photos. Now what she should have said was "I’d like to see your photos of the moon".

That would have produced this result…


Unfortunately she said "If you guys decide to share some moon shots let me know. I would love to see yours. I’ve shown you mine, now it’s your turn."

Well shit! What choice did I have? …


*Update: If you can’t get through to Julie, complaints can also be directed to Jenny (because she first planted the idea a few days ago)



28 Responses

  1. WT – I knew I could count on you to make this exciting. You are probably the only one who would actually post a “moon” shot. You know, I gotta “Pimp My Blog” somehow. Heehee!

  2. That is one bright moon!! 😛

  3. WOOHOO!! Now your readership should rocket to the moon. That’s some pimpin’ to be sure!!!

  4. Can I paint it?

  5. Those are really fantastic trees in the background.I know that no one else noticed them

  6. OK, I don’t think I can look you in the eyes ever again.

  7. LOL – we shouldn’t be surprised. . .Good job WT!

  8. Oh dear. I’m going back to bed now.You are one brave dude.

  9. Nice arse!

  10. Oh. my. God.#1. You are my hero.#2. You need to wear more sunblock.#3. Now my name will be forever linked to amature nude pictures on the internet. #4. And for that I thank you.

  11. My eyes! Dear god, my eyes…Kudos on sending Ree back to bed though. I didn’t expect anything could stop her 😀

  12. That is one white butt.

  13. Only you, my friend… only you!

  14. LMAO, as soon as I started reading I knew what was coming, and I looked anyway. Not bad for an old fart 😉 I was shocked when you told me how old you are.Let’s see Ree top that one, LOL!

  15. I took a picture of my sisters mooning me years ago…I have got to get all those old pictures out here!!!

  16. WHOA! Wasn’t expecting that! You are a brave man, WT, a brave man. Of course, now that I have sons, I’m realizing that modesty isn’t real important – so maybe you’re not brave, you’re just…..MALE.

  17. You remember a few days ago there was some confusion as to your gender on Jenny’s blog? Well, no more!In fact, Jenny, you should link from your blog to that bright, white, full MOON!!Awesome! That’ll teach ’em!Oh…And I believe you are the only person I have ever encountered who is fully self-actuallized.Yeah, Jenny. He’s my hero, too.Oh, and Jenny: first porn and now nudity!! How proud you must be!!

  18. You are so brave!!I’m thinking “White…and shiney…is WT’s….heiney!!”I don’t think I spelled that right – but you’re an Australian, right? Pretend I did. I’m so proud of Julie for forcing this out of you!(BTW, new post is up – with a fresh saga tomorrow.)

  19. I so wish I could participate in posting my fabulous and wonderful moon pictures. I have none. Claudia has given me some pointers though… it looks like you took yours when there was just a little bit of light left in the sky.I’m trying that next. Would try tonight but it’s dark already.

  20. One last comment -You’ve given new meaning to the phrase “Tighty-Whitey”

  21. I see two moons! Ha!

  22. Stephanie – Do you think Houston is ready for such an unapologetic ass shot? We are in the bible belt after all.At least we can’t see his “oversized skink”.

  23. OK, I just couldn’t let this post get by me. But, first I had to go get my sunglasses. My that’s a very bright, full moon. We don’t see those kind of moons in Colorado. Leave it to Julie to spark that bit of motivation.

  24. Gee Swampy, I haven’t seen your comments for a while (not just my blog, but anywhere), have you been away or something?

  25. Hey WT, you know from earlier posts that I’m always in a completely different time zone than anyone else…the last several weeks have been no different. Time zones with no wirelss either. Heard about your moon shot and just had to find a way to get to it. Miss your intellectual comments at my place.G’daye Mate !

  26. Wooo Hoo! Pamela admit it your wanting to paint a nudie! “There’s a full moon out tonight I don’t know if it’s stary or bright, I only have eyes for youuuuuuu” Great picture.

  27. Julie (who will never see it b/c it’s way past the time she read this), HT to you, girlfriend, for PYB!Have you ever noticed, you have a harem except for James? Sheesh……They think you’re brave or a super hero…I know better….You’ve got a whole lotta crazy goin’ on (which is fine by me;) ).

  28. I take a week off and this is what I miss? Hilarious.White moon…We saw you standing alone..With a dream in your head..To put on the blog of your own…

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