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Mmm, isn’t that odd?

According to Melissa, I have to list 5 weird/odd things about myself (man I’ve gotta stop reading her!!). Marnie’s were of the Jim Rose variety, I think I’m more like Melvin Udall .

1. Apart from the three times I found myself hospital (three diferrent stories), and a few times I’ve been really drunk, I haven’t slept longer 2 hours since I was about 16 years old.

2. I can’t watch TV without a remote in my hand, and often yell obscentities at the screen expecting them to pay attention to what I’m saying.

3. As the result of an industrial accident I lost both testicles. Then to make matters worse, hospital staff lost the prosthetics they were going to implant and had to use two small onions instead. To this day I can’t eat a Greek Salad without getting an erection.

4. I have uncontollable urges to make up strange stories.

5. I have only spoken a half dozen words to my oldest brother since I was nine, that would make it over forty years. I’ll probably speak about the same number to him over the next forty.

I just realised that I’ve got a bunch more than this, but being a guy I think I’ll just keep them to myself.

Now as for tagging, the first five people who comment and don’t say “I’m not tagged” are tagged. I’ll be reading the comments and will update this post with the tagees. I bet someone is going to get tagged.



Damn my dogs are loyal !!

Boy, I’ll tell ya, you would be lucky to find two more loyal and faithful dogs anywhere in the world. They continually lavish unfailing devotion on me, unless of course there’s someone (anyone) else around.

This is my good friend JC (no shit! those are his real intitials), who has been visiting the last couple of days. And that’s Bentley showing him some unfailing devotion.


This picture was taken by JC’s wife last time they were both up here. And that’s Buddy showing him some unfailing devotion, in my bed no less! By the way, JC is the guy who was attached to the foot near the lizard.


I’ve got to get me some new dogs.