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Damn my dogs are loyal !!

Boy, I’ll tell ya, you would be lucky to find two more loyal and faithful dogs anywhere in the world. They continually lavish unfailing devotion on me, unless of course there’s someone (anyone) else around.

This is my good friend JC (no shit! those are his real intitials), who has been visiting the last couple of days. And that’s Bentley showing him some unfailing devotion.


This picture was taken by JC’s wife last time they were both up here. And that’s Buddy showing him some unfailing devotion, in my bed no less! By the way, JC is the guy who was attached to the foot near the lizard.


I’ve got to get me some new dogs.


7 Responses

  1. I heard a dog whisperer say that dogs take on the personality and character of their owner.That means either you are a bed hog… or you’re just one cuddly guy.

  2. Well, when you get rid of Buddy you know where to send him. Such cute photos though. And I used to have a couch/loveseat like the one your friend JC is sleeping on. I loved it!

  3. AAAWWWW!! Foot odor and bed breath! two of a dogs favorite things!!

  4. Bently and Buddy don’t know how good they’ve got it! And you were so nice to share them.

  5. ^ ^points to his own initialsWhen I visited my girlfriend’s family for her sister’s wedding we got to share the bed with their two cairn terriers on a fairly regular basis. You never really knew quite where on the bed they’d be when you woke up.

  6. James, I wondered what the hell you were talking about, I read the comments in my email, so your first sentence made absolutely no sense until I saw it here.

  7. Ouch, now that hurts! What about doggy loyalty and man’s best friend and all that jazz? I would be heartbroken. Your friend must be a good guy to get such approval from your best buddy.

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