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Painting by numbers

Ok, there’s been a bit of talk about Bloglines in the last few posts. Well not so much as talk, but more like a barrage of questions. I guess us computer geeks are a little different, when we see something that interests us, but don’t know anything about it, we tend to google it. It seems that not everyone does this, so for those of you who are technically challenged (or lazy), here’s the poop.

Bloglines is what’s known as an aggregator, it can not only be used for blogs, but will also tell you when there are fresh news stories in your favourite newspaper, and for those interested, I’m pretty sure it does newsgroups too.

So to make things easy here’s a screen shot of the blog you’re reading right now (and before anyone is silly enough to try to correct me, I said blog not post). If you look at the two red circles, you’ll see one that is a button on the sidebar, if you click on this (in the actual blog, not here, that would be just plain dumb) you will end up at Bloglines.

If you don’t already have an account (free) you can create one, and no I’m not explaining how to do that, I’ve got you there the rest is up to you. The second circle is a Firefox extension that alerts me when someone has posted something new, all I do then is click on the little white ‘B’ and it lists the new post for my viewing pleasure. This saves having to actually go to all the sites you read just to check if there’s something new, that takes time. As usual, you can click on the picture to make it bigger.