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My favourite TV shows.

I was asked about my favourite TV show in the comments of the previous post so here are some off the top of my head. There are many more but I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. Of course you’re welcome to list yours in the comments and they may even end up in the post.


  • Bones. I like the socially inept forensic anthropologist, MDW hates her because she’s read every Kathy Reichs book and doesn’t think they did the character justice.
  • Veronica Mars. Don’t know why I like this (but I do), I usually hate all that high school angst crap.
  • Two and a half Men. This is one funny show and getting better all the time.
  • Old dogs (uk). Cop show with some twists and turns.
  • Stargate. This has really gone downhill since MacGiver had a kid and left the show.
  • Futurama. Love this show
  • Doctor Who (uk). I used to watch the original every Friday night when I was a kid.
  • The IT crowd (uk). Funny show that I can relate to
  • House. I run hot and cold on this one.
  • Criminal Minds. I like the misfits on Bones better, but Mandy is a pal so I’ll stick with him.
  • My name is Earl. This show has such a high cringe factor that I’ve never watched an episode all the way through without hitting the remote.


  • Magnum P.I. The all time best gumshoe series.
  • Simon and Simon. This was a good show that should have lasted longer.
  • Designing Women. Love them Southern Belles.
  • Golden Girls. Love them wrinkly retirees.
  • NYPD Blue. Sipowiz rocks! I first met him as Fank Buntz in Hill Street Blues.
  • Hill Street Blues. I was in love with Frank Furillo’s wife.
  • Black Adder. Classic British comedy starring Rowan Atkinson and the guy who plays House.
  • Greatest American Hero. His girlfriend was a real honey, and I loved Robert Culp’s character.


  • Scrubs. To my mind one of the best comedies ever produced.
  • Arrested Development. To my mind one of the strangest comedies ever produced.
  • Leave it to Beaver. Needs no explanation.
  • The Andy Griffith Show. I wanted to be Oppy, he was so cool. But Aunt Bea kinda scared me a bit.
  • Mr Ed. A horse is a horse of course of course
  • Bewitched. Samantha mmmm.
  • F Troop. Loved this show.
  • 77 Sunset Strip. Was on a bit late for me but I saw some of the episodes, then I saw it all in reruns.
  • Rockford Files. Second best gumshoe series.

Sci Fi/Fantasy:

  • Star Trek. All incarnations, but mostly the original and the one with the cue ball headed captain.
  • Charmed. Only the first few seasons.
  • Buffy. Refer to Charmed.
  • Angel. David Boreanz adds real humour, I’m glad he got another series.
  • Firefly. Took a while to realise it was a cowboy show in space.
  • Twilight Zone. A friend of mine wrote one of the episodes.
  • Outer Limits. A slightly harder edge than Twilight Zone.



You mean it’s not Reality TV?

I used to be an avid West Wing fan, but it got a bit tiring after a while so I stopped watching. Recently I had some random thoughts that I found amusing and decided to share them in this post.

I was a bit worried about the ‘Dixie Chicks’ syndrome and thought about putting in a disclaimer/warning. Initially I just warned Melissa not to read because I know she’s a big West Wing fan and also a political observer. But judging from the comments so far I missed the mark, and rather than deleting the post I’m updating with a new warning…

If you have never watched The West Wing, have no idea about American Politics, get offended easily or do not understand irony, satire or sarcasm do not read this post. If you fit into the aforementioned categories and you read this post, remember you were warned, so keep your complaints to yourself. For everyone else, have fun.

I thought I had worked out why America was having so much trouble with the image it portrays to the world. That is until someone explained to me that ‘the West Wing’ is actually a work of TV fiction and not a documentary. Hey, before you laugh at me, let me remind you that when Jimmy Smits was elected, George Dubya was the first to call and congratulate him, and to set up an appointment to discuss the smooth transfer of office.

Once I understood that it was just a TV show, I realised how dumb I was, I mean Jed Bartlett had an illness he couldn’t pronounce, the best he could manage was ‘multipoo schrowrowsis’. Can you imagine America having a real life president with an annunciation problem? It’s nuclear (sorry, typo) unclear to me why they picked an illness Martin Sheen couldn’t pronounce. And then there’s the whole deal with Nancy being the National Security Chief, how ridiculous is that? A black woman in that position, ha! The only way it would have been more implausible is if they made her Secretary of State.

But the White House staff is even more ridiculous. Leo McGarry is unable to complete a sentence without blurting out “Margaret!”. Josh Lyman can’t seem to remember where his office is, and spends his days roaming the corridors with a secretary who doesn’t have a grasp on reality. Toby Zeilger can’t speak more than two sentences before he begins ranting at the top of his lungs. CJ Creig is a dour spinster (or is that divorcee? who cares) who just doesn’t get it.

What a dysfunctional bunch of medically afflicted morons! Let’s do a recap.

We’ve got:

  • a President with a speech defect and the inability to comprehend clothing. That’s a $900 Armani coat you’re trying to put on, not a fucking sweater you dipstick!
  • a Chief of Staff with Turetts Syndrome. Leo, wait until either you or your visitor is finished talking before you politely ask Margaret to do something for you, you arrogant prick;
  • a Deputy Chief of Staff with Alzheimer’s and an Autistic Secretary. Either put wheels on your desk, or stay in your fucking office, and send Donna back to the sheltered workshop;
  • a Communications Director with ADHD. Just shut-the-fuck up you, lowlife, brain dead, sheep duffer;
  • a Press Secretary who is a joke but has no sense of humour. Don’t you get it CJ? You’re the joke;
  • plus a First Lady who I just can’t picture with anything other than a pink team jacket and a cigarette. Hey Rizzo! put that cigarette out.

And can somebody tell writers to stop trying to lecture me on everything from school lunches to gun control as if I’m a 3rd grade student. If I want to learn about politics I’ll sign up for a class. If I want to know about policy I’ll read a newspaper or watch a documentary. If I want some mind numbing, zone-out time I’ll watch your show. If you believe so strongly in this crap, get off your fat, creative hollywood arses and stand for Public Office you fucking wankers!

We’re a bit behind over here, so this post has more relevence to us Antipodeans. In fact, the last episode I saw was the one where Big Bill Taft got stuck in the bathtub. The reason we’re so far behind is not the usual one where we wait until the price goes down, in this case Australians refused to watch it so it got cancelled. Now it’s shown on governement owned TV (coalition of the willing and all that).

I’m not really sure why no-one watched it, it couldn’t have been the sickening condescension, the unbelievable arrogance or the breathtaking hubris exhibited in the show. I think it may have been that we were unwilling to suspend our belief systems long enough to accept that America would elect a midget.