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Phew! He’s back.


There’s been a bit of drama going on in the blogosphere lately, what with Tigger dieing and a blogger causing some concern, not to mention me being outed as the stunner that I really am. This being the case I didn’t say anything about Booey going missing, but rather, I just kept a silent vigil, checking the door every few hours and having a look around the property.

So the good news is, he showed up around 2:30 this morning. He’d been gone for over a week and frankly I had already given him up for good. You see, this is the time of year that the snakes are out in force, and in case you don’t know, Oz has 7 of the 10 most venomous snakes in the world. Being the hunter that he is, I just assumed his quarry got the better of him. Today there will be much celebrating (that is if I can find the little bastard, he’s already taken off again).



10 Responses

  1. Oh… the snakes.. that just makes me shiver.. to think that a snake might catch my cat.I’ve read about the spiders and snakes you guys have. Ever see any of them?You and Karmyn and your tomcattin’ cats…..

  2. Damn cat. I’m glad mine is so spoiled and scared of noises that if she’s out and even the neighbors’ door opens, she comes racing back in and spends the rest of the day sleeping from her ordeal!!

  3. Oh wow. I’m glad he came home! I would have been worried sick.Really glad he wasn’t snake food.

  4. Oh I am so glad he came back. Bad Booey! Mordecai does the same thing. It drives me crazy with worry. I don’t know what I would do without the little guy.

  5. and I do mean damn cat with total affection…just in case you didn’t realize it…

  6. Hi Gees im glad your cat come home He might have been out tomcatting lolOh snakes they send shivers down my spine Were in the outback are u?Hahaha nice photo of the moon or should i say the trees in the background.

  7. “The Cat Came Back !” Yea !A-choo !

  8. You know, Booey probably had to go away for a little bit and deal with the death of his little buddy, Tig. He is a pretty kitty, BTW.I watched this show on Animal Planet this week about the 10 most deadly snakes. SO I got a good look at those Aussie scales. I ndo not have a phobia of snakes, but I prefer not to be in the same vicinty as them, if I can help it.

  9. Okay – he and my Ozzie have some serious explainin’ to do!!! Do you remember when Ozzie went missing? Well, now it has become a habit…he comes, he goes. He’ll be gone for 3-5 days, come back for 2. Etc. Driving me crazy.I think he has another family. Maybe Booey is two-timing you with your horse-riding neighbor (hanging out in his barn.)

  10. Yuck! I don’t like snakes!Sounds like Booey is giving you a hard time…lol. . .is he whoring around?

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