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Now you see ’em, now you don’t

There are two times when the person I was talking to just disappeared. I was going to write them both in this post, but I’m running short on material so I’ll do the other one tomorrow.

The first time was when I was working on the construction of a power station in the Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s formeost wine producing regions. It was just after lunch and three of us were walking back to the site from the lunch shed. We were having one of those three way conversations.

Walking three abreast, suddenly the bloke in the middle just seemed to disappear. One minute I was looking at him, the next I was looking at the guy who was on the other side of him. The other guy and I just seemed to stare at each other dumbfounded for a second and then looked down at the ground. That’s when we saw the the bloke in the middle.

Remember Curly from the Three Stooges, and how he used to lie on his side and go around in circles? That’s what this bloke looked like. He flopped around a bit, got back up, dusted himself off and fell into step as if nothing happened as we all continued on our walk back to the site. After a couple of minutes he said, “It’s OK, don’t worry about it, it happens all the time. I’m an epileptic” and that was all that was said on the matter.

I have to say though I was a bit shaken (more surprised I guess), and so was the bloke on the other side of him. I’d hate to think what would the results would be if he was on a ladder when it happened.


10 Responses

  1. Oh, my goodness. For a minute, I thought this was going to be a post about some spiritual experience you had.I’m not epileptic, but I’m always afraid when I drive through trees and the sun flashes through the foliage, that I’ll fall into a seizure. I saw it on a show once and now I’m sure it will happen to me.

  2. Hi WTYou described a good mental image for me to conjure up. Some bloke with a hard hat, some bloke who looks like Curly from the three stooges lying on the ground undulating and you with your freakishly firm breasts standing there watching. Thanx for the early morning amusement.

  3. Sounds like one of those things where you want to burst out laughing, but you don’t want to be insensitive to the guy’s disease. Like when children fall. I laugh. I laugh hard sometimes. But who wants to make a child feel like an idiot?

  4. At least he didn’t fall into the wine vats!! I have to agree with heather…it sounds funny, but knowing that it’s because of an epileptic seizure sort of brings it down….

  5. Wow, crazy. My old beagle actually had a form of canine epilepsy. Every now and then he’d stop moving, look around really dazed and unfocused, and eventually come back to normal. Didn’t happen too often, thankfully, but it was still weird everytime it did.

  6. I’m with Ree – I thought this was going to be about some spiritual experience you had – POOF! He was gone. I love how the “bloke” handled the situation. I also love the word “bloke.” I think I’ll start using it.

  7. Whoa -When I first read I thought like Ree and Susan – okay, its an early ghost story – and then I thought, “What, did the guy fall down a hole – or a tiger trap?”But – no, I think that would be an awkward situation…do you laugh? Do you cry? Do you turn around and run? or Do you just act normal? I know my mouth would have been hanging wide open.

  8. I am being Anon until Blogger is acting a litty less pissy.I was on a bus on the freeway when a gentleman sitting alone starting having a seizure. I was horrible because there really isn’t anything you can do to help. I put my purse between his head and the window so he wouldn’t hurt himself. It was scary! He was fine, but it was so horrible to watch.My dearly departed cat was an epileptic. I am pretty sure that’s why he only lived to be 9. I was only 18 and spent my entire summers earnings on his vet bills. I had to stop when they wanted to do a “kitty cat scan”. There wasn’t any way I could have afforded it. That is the reason why my dog has health insurance.Marnie

  9. Willowtree,I have left a comment at the Car? post. I really meant to leave it here but got lost, so just wanted you to know I’ve been lurking again. 🙂 Didn’t wnat to have spent all that time and you never see all my hard work.

  10. yes pete… we were all thinking it was “sudden rapture” Actually I figured he’d fallen in a man hole.Is that what you call them in AU, too?

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