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While we’re on the subject.

While we’re talking about lizards, I’d like to show you something. These pictures aren’t mine, in truth I’ve only ever come across these guys three time in my life. Twice up here and once while I was taking Bentley for a walk in the reserve behind our house on the Coast. You might notice that the guy isn’t holding him up.


They’re called Goannas and I’ll be honest, they do scare me a bit. Despite the fact that I wear shorts, I’m no crocodile hunter, and these things are big.

The reason they scare me though, is not just their size, its the fact that they hang about in trees. So that means that you can be walking along minding your own business when one of these bastards will scurry down the trunk and land inches away from you (as has happened to me). Let me assure you, adult diapers would not be unwelcome when this happens.

The other thing that they are known for, and this is really scary, is that when they are startled they will instinctively head for a tree for protection. Doesn’t sound too scary you say, well what can happen is they can mistake you for a tree (poor eyesight) and run up you. Trust me, you will have many scratches and wish that you were somewhere else.



14 Responses

  1. “…I’ll be honest, they do scare me a bit.” Just a bit? That’s got to be the understatement of the century!

  2. Fuck that shit, Pete. We were so right to turn our rage to Australia. Not a day too soon, I tell you.

  3. Well, see, I don’t think one of those things would mistake me for a tree…I’m probably too close to the ground..hehe…But, WOW! Those things are COOL!! I am so coming to visit Australia one day…Bill Bryson didn’t even mention these things in his books!

  4. BTW..where is the picture from? Who’s the cute baldy?

  5. HOLY MACKINOLII don’t typically Do lizards. Creeps me out. Well, except for gecko’s. They’re kinda cute. Had lots of them in Hawaii.♥Pam

  6. Do you happen to know the guy in the photo? He is kinda cute in a Howie Mandell kinda way.Oh I just saw Claudia asked the same question first. Shit, that means she called dibbs. You snooze, you lose.My sister had 2 lizards. Slim and Shady. They are both deceased (of natural causes).

  7. I just got the pics off the net, that’s why I said “These pictures aren’t mine”. I don’t know who the guy is.

  8. I will take the sweet little non-venomous blue tongue, thank you!!!That goanna looks too much like a Kimodo dragon for my taste. Okay, maybe not quite as big and scaly but Geez – what do you feed your animals Down Under? Is it the Vegemite Sandwiches?

  9. man… I’m thinking boots and a matching belt

  10. Hi,All I got to say is Yikes! I’m not a fraid of spider snakes or lizard, but our lizard here aren’t that big.Janice~

  11. WOW! That is one huge lizard. Do they walk like that or just stand that way? Scary! Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it coming down out of a tree. I really like learning more about your area Pete. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yargh, huge lizards that can climb mistaking me for a tree? Urgh, no.

  13. HOLY FUCK.Please tell that that dude is holding the lizard up with his third leg and that the lizard can’t actually stand up because that would freak me right the hell out.Are these things only located in Australia? Would the withstand an atomic bomb. Cause I know a guy…

  14. Wow!! That animal looks positively prehistoric. I think he is probably bigger than my dog.

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