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Well at least I thought it was funny

I just left another message on the old OUAB telling everyone where I was. I got a bit nostalgic for the old blog, I like the looks much better than this one but I don’t want to pay the extra 40 bucks to be able to do it here.

Anyway, I think it’s pretty funny (forgive me Julie, I just couldn’t help myself). So why don’t you have a look for yourselves.

18 Responses

  1. ok…first everyone switched to beta…now people are starting to bail…I’m beginning to think it’s me…I swear I showered!!
    And I love the duct tape picture! is that one of yours??

  2. OK, so I needed to know if you thought that you might switch..? You won’t be signing up after the trial?

  3. Have fun with it! I liked the other one 😦 And where’s Snoopy? I have to get used to your new look. It’s like you snuck out and got a new cut and color.

  4. I like your “old” site better, but I do love the picture of your dogs on this one.

  5. I like the new site. Yea, I did do the apartment over yours, lol because I couldn’t manipulate the floorplan. HA! Oh I better get to bed. Love your new place!

  6. Sorry, just saw your comment on my new place. Um, I think you are gonna have to upgrade to get the template you want. Sorry, I know you didn’t want to hear that.

  7. OH, my goodness. Willowtree I see my name under Blogs You Read.
    I am honored and thank you.
    I am going to check out Blogging Chicks where I notice blogs (see I’m tyring) are listed. Can you join Blogging Chicks?
    I’m not sure they’ll let witches in or not, but I’n going to give it a try.

  8. I miss seeing the avatars. I went over to Typepad to look into it – YOU HAVE TO PAY? Why? I don’t understand. I might be too cheap to pay to blog. The 30 day free trial sounds interesting…..

  9. so long Snoopy – but Buddy and Bently deserve a spot!!!

  10. Abd I just want to say –

    Word Verification is no easier on typepad than Blogger….its just i can’t read the damn thing.

  11. Wow seems that every blog i visit that is on blogger is saying there moving out… i moved out after only a few weeks *blush*… but mmmm i got really lucky.. i like your new look;)

  12. I’ve thought about moving also. Got the site all set up and all. I’m with you on this one willow, I like the way blogger looks more than typepad. Maybe it will grow on us?

  13. Willowtree ! Have you noticed how much easier the word verification boxes are at Type Pad? For me, there are fewer d’s, p’s, q’s, and p’s and more numbers. The gray background makes it more of a figure-ground exercise, but for my transpositions, it is great?

  14. No, Swampy, Australia is in Oklahoma ;).

    P.S. 😡 On this, my last comment on Blogger, stupid stupid stupid blogger won’t let me sign in as Pensieve.

    😦 Just when I updated my template….

  15. THAT WAS going to be my LAST comment on your Blogger blog. Blogger wouldn’t allow it under any option.

    I don’t like being the 15th commenter on your posts. Guess that’s what I get for not reading.

  16. I love the boys’ new picture. But I miss Snoopy a bit. And I’m glad they don’t have a bottle or cancer stick in their mouths;).

  17. I half way expected to come here and see that you had completely changed your template. I guess I will just keep waiting. I do love the pink and brown though. Oh I think I am doing away with my WV also. Let’s see how long we are spam free. 🙂

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