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This is what I was doing.

Its funny how sometimes accidents produce the best results. The other day I did a funny post about Robin. The whole thing just happened, I was trying to get the pictures below when I took the one in the other post.

These are a couple of pictures of Bentley, he could sense a thunderstorm. He gets really scared with thunder and lightening, he can sense it up to two hours before is starts and he works himself into a state of panic. It’s really pitiful to see, so much so that even I can’t derive any pleasure from it.


For some reason he like to put his head between the wall and the speaker, he’ll just lie there trembling until I moved. When there’s actual thunder he won’t let me out of his sight, actually sight is the wrong word given that he sticks his head behind a speaker. More accurately , he won’t let me out of his presence, wherever I go, he goes.


This is the shot I was after. The other thing he does is he sits with his face against the wall. When I saw him doing it, I went to get my camera. As usual he followed me, so when I came back to my armchair I had to wait until he went back to his phobia. It was while I was waiting that I was amusing myself looking at things through the viewer of the camera, and that’s how I got the hairy Robin picture.


This is an extra picture that I really only put in because I was checking out a typepad thing, but it illustrates his anxiety. He only drops his jaw like that when he’s either really exhausted from running, really hot or really scared. You can cross out the first two.

In the next couple of days I’ll be posting about my Typepad experiences. Stay tuned.