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Geek Alert

You can read this is you like but really its just a geeky experimental type post. Normally I’d use a test blog but tghe cheapest TP account only allows for one blog.

Well let’s see what happens here. I just downloaded something that’s supposed to let me write my blog without even connecting to the Net. Obviously I’ll have to connect eventually to upload, but this is supposed to let me create and edit offline.

I had a Word extension for blogger but it didn’t let me post pictures, so I’ll give that a try.

That was a bit strange….more later.


I had to upload the photo from TP because it timed out from Qumana, I’ll have to investigate. But it does show some promise, it’s actually quite a good editor.


7 Responses

  1. Looks like it posted the text OK but not the picture.

  2. ok…I got a very beautiful picture of a thistle, but it also appears that there should be another before it, which didn’t come through..

  3. why dial up?

  4. I see a photo of a horrid thistle. In our country that thing would be chopped down.

  5. I didn’t get the first image…and don’t know what Qumana is.

  6. I have several pictures like your red X photo on top in my TypePad archives. Any ideas why? They were all loaded from the same file in my cornpooter. The thistle has such a pretty color but is such an evil plant. Ouch!

  7. The thistle is gorgeous. As a bird lover I have to tell Julie that the finches devour the seeds – and watching them cling to the plant and find the tasty winter delight is most fun.

    Keep the geek info coming Pete. But, we may have better luck than you would because we have cable.

    The cable guy (not larry) was here and talked us into switching our telephone service to our cable. A router for our phones, just like we have for our lap top. This will be interesting.

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