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Now I’m getting Freaked Out.

I swear I gots ta get me one o’ them tinfoil hats! That darn Robin over at Pensieve has got a satellite up there picking up my thoughts. It’s bad enough that whenever she makes a comment it’s usually something that I had considered and discarded, then I have to go back and edit, sheesh! But this time she’s gone too far.

The other day I took some photos while I was waiting for a download, not all of them made them into the post one of them was this one, …


I was going to put it in a separate post when we had a really hot day and make a joke out of it. But when I saw Robin’s Post I just had to post it. Incidentally, I didn’t include the link to her post out of courtesy, you should go and read this one, while I’m not much for poetry( I did like this one)  I know a lot of you guys are into it.

While you’re at it, Pamela did another one of her interesting historical pieces the other day.

19 Responses

  1. Peter, Tad already thinks there’s something going on between me and you….now he’s gonna know for sure :O).


  2. thanks for the link

    Hey.. I noticed earlier and forgot to mention the pictures and the thoughts in the masthead.

    And here I thought I was the only one who interpreted dog and cat speak.

    Wait until the hubby sees that!


  3. ps. that is freaky about you and Robin

    It must be a vulcan mind meld.

    I bet you both were eating that ice-cream, too.

  4. Alright, I’m the repeat poster, now.
    But I had to add I think I’ve figured out the word verification – Why it doesn’t require and then it does.
    If I comment twice in a row..within a certain time frame, then it asks me for a wv. Yours did when I mentioned the freaky vulcan mind meld.

  5. I know why it doesn’t require WV, I’ve turned it off. As for why it does, I’ll check that out later. If your theory is correct, then Swampy is going to be doing a lot of WV 😉

  6. wow… funny… have a good day;) thats for the good suggested reads;) I’m not going to follow links.. I’m not going to follow links… *sigh* who am i kidding anyway? LOL

  7. Just checking in. Have I been sleeping for 4 days? How many posts have I missed? Getting ready to leave for a week, so my visits will be sporadic (sp?) and so will my posts…but aren’t they always?

  8. The clock is interesting. . .Pretty wild how you and Susan are on the same wave-link. . .

  9. What is that clock? Is it a bicycle seat?
    I’ve gotta get over to Robin’s & see what the ruckus is about.
    How’s TP treating you, WT? 10-4, good buddy. OK.

  10. Halloween spooky.

  11. Cool clock! My art history is sketchy – was it Salvador Dali who did the melting clock paintings?

    Be glad you are at typepad. None of us Blogger Boogers can do anything right now. No commenting, no posting, no NOTHING!!!!! If they’re trying to PUSH me over to Typepad, it’s working!!!

  12. Where are you? Does that clock have an alarm? Are you sleeping?

  13. Is there a Blogger Etiquette book that says I can’t post repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly…?

  14. Commiserations to everyone on blooger.

    Yes the clock is like the ones Cali used to pain, and it keeps surprisingly good time.

    Ree, TP is treating me just fine.

    Swampy, I’m on the Coast.

  15. Err, that would be Dali folks.

    One of the few times I hit publish instead of preview

  16. I got to visit the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg when I lived in Fl. I’m glad I did.

  17. That clock says, “Freak Karmyn Out”. The whole Dali paintings are bizarre and over my head anyway. I’ll stick with Monet or Cezanne.

  18. I like that it looks like it actually melted onto the shelf and is stuck there. Awesome.

  19. “Cali used to pain

    You caught the “Dali” and I guess, based on his surrealism, the man DID have a lot of PAIN when he PAINTed….

    Previews rock!

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