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Another Halloween drawing

Well, we made it back safe and sound and the universe is finally back in sync. MDW doesn’t have Bloglines setup on her computer so I did virtually no reading for the last few days( I was too busy killing her system and breaking her mouse, more on that later). When I got back I fired up the old computer and spent what seemed to be hours catching up. I left no comments anywhere because I didn’t want to still be at the machine tomorrow morning. But trust me, if you wrote something I read it.

Now as promised before I left for the Coast, another Halloween drawing…..


Now before you start calling me a twisted, perverted misogynist (which, granted I am) I copied this from a comic book. While I have the technical capability to draw this, I don’t have the creative ability.  And I suppose that may be a good thing.

7 Responses

  1. ..so lets hear all the juicy details from the coast…

  2. What about bunny rabbits & butterflies? Blood-drippin’, teeth-baring comic strip pictures scare the snot outta me.

    Welcome back, homeboy, hope the visit was 1derful!

    Since I have had STUPID ISP problems…and stuff to do…I have read or written or commented RARELY since you’ve been gone. But since you spent hours catching up on your reading, I guess you know that…clairvoyant that you are and all;).

  3. I would kill to be able to draw. You’re very good, WT!

    You should see me draw sometime. It’s barely a step above stick figures.

    Glad you’re back. Give us some juicy details. Did the earth move? Did the ground shake? Did you paint her toenails?

  4. I can draw stick figures. Does that count? Just flyin’ around on my broom for the next week and don’t have much time to blog…Happy Halloween from Swampy.

  5. Creepy – as long as you copied from a comic book – and it wasn’t a “real life” drawing of what you did to YDW during your visit. All is well.

  6. it’s a pretty good drawing actually….

  7. Whew, glad to hear you didn’t come up with the idea yourself.

    But still, you copied it – creepy.

    Good artistic talent you have there!

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