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Happy Halloween

We may not have it here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get into the spirit of things…..



11 Responses

  1. Wait. You don’t have halloween? At all.

    Are you kidding me? Seriously?!

  2. I’m trying to figure out which one of these goblins might me you…couldn’t find a ‘moon’ anywhere amongst them. Trick or Treat from Key Largo..

  3. I love this picture!
    I’ll celebrate for you with my carved pumpkin and candy stash and costume.

  4. Cute pic! ! ! I’m sure there is some other holiday that you all celebrate that people dress up?

  5. Haha, funny. You should put funny hats on your dogs and take pictures. Ow, I think the ghost of my old beagle just bit me 😀

  6. I just took it for granted that EVERYONE celebrated Halloween – and here I am a grown woman and am shocked to discover it is only us Americans, Canadians, and a few British.

  7. I absolutely love that pic.

    I just gotta say….Haunted houses are all the rage. Parents don’t want their kids out on the street going to strangers houses Trick or Treating anymore. The amount of merchandizing that is going on is phenomenal. It’s beginning to rival Christmas. I’m not sure I understand the need for all of this. What is in the psyche of the American people with Halloween. And considering the amount of people I know that now shun Halloween it is amazing. Yah, I live in Conservative Central seconded only by having the headquarters for over 85 different religions in our city, not to mention Focus on the Family….
    Ooo, I digress and certainly not on a topic I want to talk about.
    I love that photo being a dog lover and all. Bill still won’t let me get Gretta a costume….RATS.

  8. I spy, with my little eye, 5 beautiful retrievers under thouse sheets.

    I love those retrievers.

    I’m sure not having Halloween pays off at the dentist…

  9. Hey! Guess what? I found my comment…just where I left it. Do I get a prize or something for posting more times than anyone?

  10. WHAT? No Halloween? Really? No way! You’re kidding! This is an American thing? I’m showing my stupidity again, aren’t I?

  11. Susan, stupid you are not. Ignorant, maybe ;).

    You’re always thinkin’ of us, huh Peter? I like these much better than your freakish pen & inks of late.

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