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A techie post

Just a quick techie type post as I’m just about to leave for the Coast again.

I recently installed Firefox 2.0 (it only came out last week) and have been very impressed by some of the improvements.  The best thing about this version is that they have included a spell check that you can use anywhere, it’s amazing and has saved me hours of effort when I’m commenting (despite Robin accusing me of never commenting).

It’s very stable so far (unlike M$ IE7, which by the way they are wanting you do download now at a whopping 15Mb compared to Firefox’s 5Mb). The other thing I like is the extensions that are available, I’ve installed a few that I have found useful.

  • Morning Coffee. As the name suggests this is for people (myself included) who have a morning routine. You just add the places you visit regularly to the list (you can choose a particular day, or everyday). When you hit the button it opens them up in tabs. BTW, tabs has been improved in that now the tab close button is on the tab itself, much better for me.
  • InFormEnter. This is good for stuff that you have to enter regularly like Blogger ID etc. Not need so much for TP because it actually can remember you like blogger used to. It puts a button next to any entry field and you can s=assign a name to the data to make it easier.
  • Internotes. A handy little Post It note program that i haven’t really explore but jut played with so far.
  • Clippings. Similar to InFormEnter but a bit easier to use. I use it all the time when I leave comments on blogger, because again, it doesn’t remember me like TP.

Anyway that’s it for now, I’m off to see my specialist and MDW (oh yeah I almost forgot, she’s heading for LA next week). I’ll see you all later.


9 Responses

  1. I think I’ll upgrade my Firefox while you’re gone – have a nice trip!

  2. Can you “dumb-that-down” just a little? As soon as I return home, will print those instructions and try to figure it out. I know it’s some good info that I could use.

  3. P.S. Have a safe trip.

  4. I like my coffee dark…with lots of sugar..can it help?? 🙂

  5. oh yes…have a good trip!!

  6. will you and Frank and Eleanor come to my house and help me set this up. . . . maybe while i’m at work tomorrow?


  7. Pamela…Frank is “sleeping”.
    Willowtree, I hope you don’t have a wreck on the way to the coast….really, be safe…I MEAN it! (s.a.)

    🙂 I might actually explore FF ’cause I have no idea how this stuff works. I despise my computer ignorance (but it takes me soooo long to self teach). Thanks for the primer.

  8. A spell check that you can use anywhere? I’m sold!

  9. Ooh ooh, blogger remembers me. Oh wait. I’m the only one blogger likes. Sorry, Claudia, I forgot. 😉

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