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Some answers

For those who had real estate questions, here’s the property if you are interested.

Robin – "Where’s your camera???  WHERE WAS YOUR FREAKIN’ CAMERA???" If you substitute ‘my’ for ‘ your’ and ‘ muthafucking’ for ‘freaking’ you pretty much have what I was thinking. As for the whole ‘outback’ issue, technically speaking I’m not really in the outback. The outback is actually short for ‘out back of beyond’ which is further west. I say technically even though there is not real technical definition, where I live is actually referred to as ‘living in the bush’, which refers to rural land within a day’s travel of a major township.

Kila – I put an offer on the place, but they are going to go to auction to see if they can get more.

Melissa – Don’t bother getting up, it was only a couple of weeks ago that I dedicated and entire post to goannas, complete with pictures (as I made the effort just now to track down the post for the link, I found that you were the second person to leave a comment, so I’m assuming you read it). It was the one after Buddy fighting a lizard. And for those interested, goannas are part of the monitor family.

Claudia – I didn’t get to go inside the old house, but I’m thinking it’s a bit too derelict for visitors. However, the main house is huge plus there are separate guest quarters.

Pamela – You hit the nail on the head.

Tiffany – I’d like to buy it, but the sale is being handled by the executors, and they will be going to auction to get as much as they can. I think the reserve will be around $350k.

James – The whole camera thing was a stuff up. I meant to take it with me so I could send pictures to MDW, but was running late, so when I realised I forgot it (about 40ft from my house) I decided not to go back and get it!!!

100_1335Vicki – If I end up getting it, you’re in!

Haven’t seen any Horny Toads, but I did nearly trip over this a few days ago. I think the cats caught it because it was left by the gate. Obviously this is the underside, and it was about 12 inches give or take. I’m not sure what they are called and I haven’t seen many.

One more thing, I have been to Yosemite, does that count?

Pam – I did answer a question similar to yours once, I’ll see if I can find it for you.


14 Responses

  1. 1. Hello, that’s the whole point of the link. I can’t remember foreigners and their weird wildlife.

    2. You are the king of “what the hell are you talking about”, thus forcing me to uber-link, super-google, and insert pictures.

    3. I win.

  2. That’s a nice house. And, hello, “conveniently located near Willow Tree.” They clearly think you’re a commodity. Ha ha ha. Ah.

  3. D’oh!!

    1. You bastard.

    2. If I had a labeler you’d be in trouble.

    3. I’m totally sending your neighbors my copy of Unchained Melody.

  4. I’m just thinking vacation in the Outback…:)

    Is that thing dead?? Lizards don’t normally lay on their back like that….

  5. 1a. What.

    2a. If you had a labeler I’d still be right.

    3a. If you do, I’m showing them your neighbor’s real estate listing, convincing them of the greatness of the Australian countryside, and personally helping them move next door to you.

  6. Nice property! Watch it. Ree might be interested, just so she can be close to Buddy.

  7. Julie, I doubt Ree would be interested, her front yard would be bigger than this place. But I might keep an eye on Buddy just in case.

  8. Peter…of this I’m not proud, but you translate me pretty well. I might not be able to tame my mind, but by the time my thoughts/reactions travel from brain to fingers, I usually reel it in.

    Obviously just READING this freaked us out…a picture might’ve done us in! Hmmm, it’s about as scary as the stuff James has been churning out lately….!

  9. Oh my word! What is that thing? I think if I came across one of those in my backyard, I would MOVE! YIKES!

  10. Nice place! ! ! I went back to your post on goannas – YUCK! I would have been totally freaking to see one 6′ long (isn’t that what you said?)!

  11. I’m getting out my checkbook. My boys would love it there. They would quickly make those horny toads and goannas their pets.

    I noticed Willow Tree in the ad. I thought you were playing with us, but then I Googled it and saw there really is a village named Willow Tree.

    So how far to the nearest McDonald’s?

  12. Willow, regarding the second part of your comment, I bribed them all with a free place to stay in Australia!! 🙂

  13. What the crap, Willowtree?! That’s like some kind of mini-raptor or something. Where the fuck do you live? Jurassic Park?

  14. Okay. I can vacation here. Honestly I can.

    I could also clean this too. Wouldn’t charge ya a thing if you show me kangaroos.

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