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Guys prefer these riddles

I was struggling for a post today. Fortunately Pamela came to the rescue with this one over at The Dust Will Wait, which provided all the inspiration I needed.

Being a guy I thought I would do one that is more up our alley (excuse the pun), ladies if you are offended look away now……


Man I love being a guy!!


21 Responses

  1. …walk away from the light…

  2. oh, yeah, “thanks, Pamela” :/…!

  3. *singing*
    “Bluuue Moooon, you saw me standing aloooone, without a dream in my hearrrrrt, without a love of my oooooooown!”

    Man, there’s no song about orange moons.

    Or apircots. That I know of.

  4. how do you know that, except for the apricot, they are all female butts??? hmmm??? yeah…think about it…

  5. Believe it or not – I found the apricot in about 5 seconds – which was 500 times faster than it took me to find a little bald man in the coffee beans (actually, I never did find the bald man – my son did and pointed him out to me).

    I guess that just goes to show that I like apricots a lot better than coffee beans.

  6. You mean there really is an apricot in there?

  7. LOL – nothing like looking at a bunch of butts. . .

    Have Karmyn point to the apricot. . .

  8. bottom row middle

  9. Pete.. you are as smooth as apricot butter

  10. eighth one from the left…bottom(excuse the pun)row.
    now do what robin said…slowly and with your hands behind your head.

  11. Why are they all so orange?

    PS. Is yours hidden in here too?

  12. Hee hee! Thanks Pamela! Where in the world did you find that?

    That one was easy. 🙂 Come one WT give us a hard one. 🙂

    Hope you had a good day!

  13. Oh please don’t ask WT to give us a hard one

  14. What was I supposed to be looking for again?

  15. Yeah, Julie, your request has trouble written all over it.

    I’m off to do Buns of Steel…

  16. LOL, I found it right away.

    Men are pigs.

  17. Sadly – I couldn’t find the apricot right away. I thought there was a trick, and that maybe it was “lodged” in one of the “pretend” apricots…

    Now I may never be the same.

  18. they were not all girl butts. I think some had balls.

    I looked really hard and couldn’t find the apricot.

    I’ll have weird dreams tonight I just know it.

    Balls remindes me of when my daugther, age 2, discovered her cat had balls. “Mama, Sassy has balls.” such a sweet little voice with potty mouth words.

  19. Julie, would you like to re-phrase that?

  20. WT, I couldn’t get the last row when I biggie sized the pic but I thought I saw the top of it in the last row and then someone posted the answer. Funny. How about find the hot dog????

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