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Sorry , I think I’ll pass.

Now you guys know I’m up for a challenge, but I really think that Julie has crossed the line this time. I don’t care how crass you guys think I am I will not comply with her request to…"Come one WT give us a hard one.  :)".

Come on Julie, you may be able to get away with that in Oklahoma, but here we’re a bit more proper. Mind you, if you give me your email address, I just might have some photos you’d be interested in….


Jurassic Park you say…

Jenny asked if I lived in Jurassic Park, and while the answer is "no, I don’t, but there are plenty of critters around here", there is quites a funny co-incidence. You see, for years we lived behind the Australian Reptile Park. You should follow the link and read some of the history, it’s quite interesting, especially of you have kids.

Actually, MDW still lives there (and that’s where I’ve been on and off for the past three weeks), but a few years ago, as a result of Urban encroachment and rising property values, the Park moved and a housing development has taken it’s place.

What has this got to do with Jurassic park you say?  Plenty I say, just have a look a me and ET out the front of the Park (it was moved about 3 years after this photo). …


PS. Just got an email from MDW, she landed safely in LAX.