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We interrupt this broadcast…

We’re just going to take a short break from my big adventure because: 1. I’m a smartarse, and 2. this is rather interesting. Normal programming will resume shortly.

It’s not often that I get told to "go Jump", it normally only happens whenever I talk to people. But today is a first, my good friend Pamela (I’m not being sarcastic) today told me to do just that, in a comment that wasn’t even in her blog! Here it is…"OH WT… go jump. It may be summmer… but it AINT JUNE !!!" You can tell it’s a real quote because I would never spell summer with three w’s.

So Pamela you’re right, it ain’t (notice the apostrophe) June, it’s actually July (even thought the winter solstice is in fact, in June). Confused? I’ll bet you are, so here’s some links to clear things up…..

Here is what Wikipedia that to say. "Because Christmas happens during extreme summer temperatures in the
southern hemisphere, a few Australians celebrate a second festival,
known as Yulefest, at the southern winter solstice in June. A much more
popular winter celebration is Christmas in July,
not surprisingly celebrated (several times by some) in July, removing
the celebration from all religious connections both Pagan and Christian.

Or you can see what Santa’s Warehouse has to say about it.

So it you want to celebrate it, here’s some Christmas in July accommodation packages.

If you want to go upmarket a bit, here’s a really swanky Hotel in the Blue Mountains.

Even the Flower People get in on the act…don’t get excited, it’s only the Hibuscus Club, but there are pictures.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.