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A comment about Comments.

Well folks, as much as it pains me to say this, I’ve just about had it with commenting on blogger sites. While I get complaints from people about commenting on TypePad sites, it’s nothing compared to the crap you have to endure if you aren’t a regular Blogspot user. And I’m tired of either logging in to Blogger(a chore in itself) or entering my details every time I comment.

TypePad remembers your details so you only have to enter them the first time you comment on a particular blog. Unlike that Alzhiemer affected piece of crap Blogger, which doesn’t even remember you at sign in anymore, since they went to beta. (and don’t get me started on beta!) Suffice to say, that no professional software development team would leave two parallel systems running for this long.

It’s taking longer and longer to post a comment, so while I hate to do it (because I love giving my input), I’ll be cutting down. It will probably mean a reduction in visits to my site (face it, I’ve said before I’m no Ree and unless I comment I get no visits), but I guess that’s life.

I’ve actually found it rather amusing that some people have complained to me about how hard it is to comment on TypePad, given that you don’t have to enter your name and details other than the first time and I have removed WV.

While I’m at it (whining, that is) could someone please tell the people at Pannsomontata that having to go to comments twice before you can post, is one too many. The first time you hit ‘Comments’ you are shown the comments, if you want to actually comment you have to hit ‘post a comment’ and then wait for blogger to wake up.

And for anyone who has ‘No Anonymous Comments’ enabled, ciao, it’s been real.

Sorry for being such a prick, but I’ve just wasted over an hour trying to leave comments around the place (because I know people like to get them). But it’s just taking too much time, and frustrating me too much.

**Updated. Sorry, I just realised I didn’t make it clear that I will still be reading all my blogbuddies’ blogs, I just wont be commenting as much.


19 Responses

  1. I HATE it when I go to write a long comment on someones site and then see “No anonymous comments”.


  2. PS. I have a lot of readers that only come to Mama Drama if I comment first. Such is life I suppose.

  3. You know I am with you on hating Blogger.

    The only way I can post a comment is Anon. I can’t handle Anon. I can comment on blogs that have been converted to beta (effing beta).

    I still persist but Blogger has significantly impacted my whole blogging experience. It makes blogging suck. I’m thinking we should write letters or something. A web crusade to save the blogging world.

    Switching to Typepad only illeviated some of my anger.

    I’m going to go boil water.

    Marnie (oh, I forgot I didn’t have to be Anon)

    PS. Thank you for switching to Typepad. It is very comment friendly over here.

    PPS. Do you have any tips on how to “MacGyver” a rain catching apparatus that won’t be blown away by another storm coming in on Sunday?

  4. That’s okay – I’ll survive without any friendly WT comments….maybe a little sadder, but I’ll know you are there in spirit.

  5. Why is this posted twice on the far superior Typepad? And why did everyone switch sides? Are you trying to punish the Blogger bloggers by totally (further) discombobulating us???

    Glad you were able to post one before going postal today ;).

  6. Robin, the double post was my fault. I didn’t realise it happened until you mentioned it.

    You see, I used an off-line editor to add the update and it gave it a different timestamp and therefore a different permalink so TypePad saw it as two separate posts.

  7. sniff…sniff…I’ll miss your smartass comments…but don’t worry, I’ll keep reading and leaving my own pawprints..

  8. Claudia, I just moved your comment so I can delete the other post.

  9. Jenny, yeah you may have to comment before they visit, but once they read your stuff they stay. I’m not funny enough for that.

  10. tonight I’m struggling with everything. I can’t even keep my computer on line.

    It’s probably the server – but this is the first blog I’ve visted … it is 11:13 pm and I’m sniff sniff… sad

  11. I totally ignore your comments, Australia, and I still come here.

  12. Peter, I checked, and under my settings, it does have my url listed w/an atom feed. BUT I DON’T GET HOW TO CHANGE IT TO RECEIVE OTHERS. I don’t even understand what I just said! I also checked bloglines and it doesn’t look like (there) I’ve updated for days; BUT yesterday when I checked, it DID look like it had “read” a post of mine.

    Out of curiousity, and I bet other peeps who read you might wonder (at least Pamela and Swampy), does it matter which feed you select if a blogger has multiple feeds or whatever-they’re-called?

    I think I have a left-brain/right-brain thing goin’ on with your posse switchin’ sides (it feels kind of like a scratch I can’t reach to itch, or visa versa 😉 lol).

  13. Thanks for visiting my site…I keep seeing more and more complaints about blogspot. Am I the only person out there who has never had any gripes? Am I just lucky here??

  14. I so understand. I will still come and read your blog and make comments. I am female after all, and can not keep my “mouth” shut. *LOL*

    I hope after the holidays I can do the typepad blog. Best of luck!! 🙂

  15. Hope to see you occassionally. . .And, “I’ll be back. . ” 🙂

  16. and I was having a good day. I’m going to hide under a blanket with some chocolate now.

    There’s a bit of Wisconsin culture waiting for you on my site today.

    Blogging just won’t be the same without your input .

  17. I typed more than that! I guess what I put in between arrows doesn’t show up on the almighty Typepad.

  18. Kila, it has nothing to do with TypePad. Arrows are reserved for HTML and must be used accordingly (and correctly as in closing them).
    Blogger is the same.

    To everyone, thanks for the kind thoughts. I’m not going to stop commenting, I’m just going to cut back or bail if I was having trouble, I just wanted to let you know the reason.

  19. I haven’t been commenting because I thought I may have embarrassed myself at your older blog, on the post with the big boobies. :OP It’s not you, it’s me. It turns out that I am the Boob. But I am coming over to comment on your post about commenting on comments, I couldn’t resist.

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