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I guess I’m just not that weird.

Jenny over at MamaDrama asked for the weirdest thing you have. At the time I really didn’t think I had anything weird, and I was right.

The biggest problem is that most of the good stuff is at the other house on the Coast, my life up here is pretty Spartan. I did take a walk around jut to see if I had anything worthwhile, but the exercise proved pretty fruitless.

Unfortunately it’s more of a ‘show and tell’ than an exhibition of of weird items, but in the spirit of fun and co-operation, it’s  the best I could do.


The emblem is from a ’66 mustang (Lee Iaccoca’s great achievement). The Peter licence plate is only about 3"x1.5" and is not real.



No home should be without a 386 mounted motherboard. In a couple of years I’ll have a Pentium!



It gets quite hot up here.



This is a genuine shaker box. Yeah sure, genuine imitation. I’ve seen genuine shaker boxes and this sure as shit isn’t one, for a start it has no fingers. "Hands to Work, Hearts to God" look it up, it’s interesting.



Now this one may actually be considered a little strange. It’s not every day someone sends you a packet of Cat Butt gum from across the Pacific Ocean!


15 Responses

  1. Cat. butt. gum.

    Oh hell yes, brutha.

    You are so in.

  2. …just when I thought I had seen everything…

  3. yeah…Cat butt gum? Jenny, he’s a contender…

  4. Well, you may be having problems with commenting, but I am having problems getting your site, Swampwitch and Another Chance Ranch to even download or upload or whatever you call it now that you’ve gone to typepad. I don’t know what the deal is since I get other typepad sites quite easily. Swampwitch’s is the worst for me. Crazy!

  5. HA HA, those are good… I would probably offend people if I showed you some of the crap laying around my house!! 🙂

  6. I’m posting my wooden egg tomorrow. Now I feel like I’ve been aced by cat butt gum.

    Maybe I’ll say the wooden egg came froma wooden chicken butt.

    Nah… you win. You won with the motherboard art before I even saw the cat butt gum.
    I like saying cat butt gum.

  7. Wow! A mounted motherboard – I’ve never, ever, ever seen anything like that.

    I’m with Pamela. Cat Butt Gum. It has a strange ring to it.

    And instead of commenting on all of your posts that I just finished reading, let me agree with you by saying I’VE HAD IT WITH POSTING COMMENTS ON BLOGGER BLOGS! Blogger has pulled a “Marnie” on me and won’t let me sign in to post comments!~!~!~!~!

    I’m getting annoyed.

  8. The weirdest thing in my house is… me. Surprise, surprise. I have never had Cat Butt Gum, but I have had Cat Paw’d Toast and Cat Hair Jasmine Tea.

    My husband would appreciate the Mother board, so actually he would be weird thing #2. That’s my man!

    Now that I think about it, My husband won a Mr. Buns award in High School for having the nicest butt. It’s 2 shellacked hamburger buns glued to a wooden plaque. I think that might qualify as weird, maybe. If he knew I was posting this, he would kill me, LOL!

  9. A mounted motherboard? Hmm.

  10. Cat Butt Gum? Gross! Definate qualifier.

    No mounted motherboards or melting clocks around here either.

    Probably the wierdest things I have are “crafts” my kids have made for me. And a few odd childhood toys I’ve kept.

  11. Susan – You probably haven’t seen too many because the mounted motherboard is an original. I pulled it out of one of my old machines and mounted it. I even made the frame.

    Songbird!! – nice to see you. Have you bookmarked the new address? Other than that I’ve got no idea why TP is giving you a hard time.

    Pamela – why don’t you tell people the egg came from a chook that wooden (wouldn’t) lay.

    Mary – that’s no surprise at all!

    Heather – is that a good Hmm or a bad Hmm?

    Kila – you’d be amazed at what people find fascinating, give it a shot.

  12. Eww. That cat bum gum thing made me gag.

  13. I LOVE the chook that wooden lay

    …. BSLOL

  14. If catbutt gum doesn’t win it for you – I don’t know what will.

  15. Check out my friend’s store. He’s got some more cat butt stuff for ya…



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