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Am I missing something?

There seems to be an epidemic of people leaving the blogoshpere lately. I keep a folder of all the ones who have either quit or just disappeared. There seems to be roughly a couple a month of the ones I have bookmarked dropping off the radar. But recently it’s been bizarre, they seem to be dropping like flies, and my ‘dead blog’ folder is starting to get pretty full.

Over the past few days there has been a rash of bloggers writing emotional final posts hinting at some deep, dark, terrible thing that has happened because of their blogs. I’ve read the comments and can’t see anything, and I’ve read the posts and haven’t found anything that would cause a bad response from someone.

If anyone knows what’s going on, please explain it to us all, or if you have any theories, we’d like to hear them too.

**Update: I realised that I’m being as cryptic as some of the departing bloggers so heres a couple of links to give you an idea of what I mean… Example AExample B.  See what you think.

(I had Example  #1 and Example #2 but thought the connotations might add insult to injury).


18 Responses

  1. Brain farts

  2. Pamela – Deep!. ha ha ha but funny.

  3. Who knows! I’m with Pamela – brain farts. . .

  4. Well…..I dunno. Maybe they’re tired of being perpetually frustrated (like me…since I have problems. Heaven’s sake, at least they aren’t problems IRL, they’re HERE, in the blogosphere, cyberproblems, where there are friends willing and able to help me, like yourself). Gee, was that one long, run-on parenthetical sentence OR WHAT??!). Oh, wait, I do have “issues” irl, so….blow that out the door.

    Can’t seem to visit my cyberpals…can’t seem to write. Good lord, I gotta go cook a 20-lb dead bird, bake a cake, make a pie, and fix a gazillion side dishes….and clean my house. Guess where I started? By cleaning out my freezer. It’s little, I’ve had success, now it’s on to like a real room or something.

    Did I answer your question?? 🙂

  5. Robin – no

  6. Good thing I commented on your last post or I would have been “Example C.”

  7. My comment seemed so cynical and callous. I apologize

    A very elderly lady told me her “house boy” was about as “effective as a fart in a mitten.” That was the perception I got from A above. She sounded depleted. The other one (b) I think she just had too much on her plate???

    As for me, sometimes I find myself the victim of a brain fart. I hope it doesn’t stop me from blogging, or keep people from sniffin’ around my blog.

  8. Oh I almost forgot, Susan – you were Example C up until just before I posted (kidding), although you did recently say you were only one more weird comment away from shutting down your blog!

  9. I don’t know what is happening. I do know that this gets addictive and it can take much time…and who knows what sort of drama is happening. I can’t imagine just dropping off the radar though…I mean if friendships are formed, even if I did not want to blog anymore, I would probably still try to keep in touch. but that’s just me…

  10. talking about moi?

  11. Beth – actually you are in the “now you see ’em now you don’t” category. Your blog just disappeared, again.

    Feel free to fill us all in.

  12. Pamela – if that was the case, why didn’t they just say so instead of alluding to problems in cyberspace.

    The expression we use is ‘useless as tits on a bull’

  13. Have you asked THEM?? I say this gently (b/c they aren’t blogs I’ve read regularly…), is it a cry for help? I felt the weight of their departure………

  14. I think it can be time consuming and addictive for some. You just have to find balance that all. I post when I can and read when I can.

  15. I am glad I started to post so I would not be considered one that just disappeared. 🙂

    Maybe they do have too much on their plate? I don’t know.
    For me, I DID have a lot going on at once and I had NO time to myself to think let alone try to check anything on the net. 🙂
    Life is a balancing act and it can be hard at times.

    Was that clear as mud?

  16. Um, you keep a folder of the cyber victims? Does anyone else see this as weird? At all?
    Watched Prison Break last night (speaking of farts): best line – You and I can smell a perp like a hot fart.
    I don’t think I want to know what a hot fart is as opposed to a cold one.

  17. Very strange, indeed. The voyeur in me wants answers, so that I don’t suffer from the same fate.

    Blogging IS tiresome, in some respects. I almost feel badly when my work and family cause me to miss posting or commenting for a while – but that’s where the balance comes in. I’m not a daily poster by any means, which aggravates some of my friends. I try to explain (once again) that I’m really not in it for their amusement. In fact, I don’t know WHAT I’m in it for, except as a forum to express myself.

    If you get any more answers, please share.

  18. Interent can be addictive. 10 years ago it was for me. Now I have a happy balance ( hear the birds singing?).

    I thought we were supposed to blog about the brain farts.

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