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No use crying…..

The alternate title for this post is ‘Boy aren’t my floors clean!’

Yesterday I went to get some things from the store, among them a half gallon of milk (of course we don’t call it that as we don’t have gallons, plus when we did, they were different to yours anyway). As I picked the milk up to put it in the fridge, for some reason my brain sent a message to my hand that said "release your grasp". My hand, being both stupid and obedient, did just that.

You ever had one of those real life slow motion moments? I had one right then, I could see every detail unfold: the way the cap was fired off the container like a mortar, and how the milk sprayed across the kitchen like a water cannon at a G7 conference.

I just stood there mesmerised until finally something clicked, and my sub-conscious brain sent a message to my conscious brain to the effect that if I don’t pick up the bottle, there will be 2 litres of milk on the floor in a very short space of time. So I reacted and grabbed the bottle. Realising that as my floor isn’t completely level (due to the reactive soils around here), it wouldn’t be long before the milk invaded the dining room.

I was about to grab a mop when I it occurred to me that I had dogs (who had scattered when I dropped the milk), so I called them over to do their duty…..


I felt a bit guilty about making them lick a floor that hasn’t been cleaned for quite a while, but thought "hey, they eat shit, kangaroo legs, rabbits and anything else they can find. so a bit of dirt won’t hurt them". Then I took this shot because it was like they were showing me that it was ok, in fact to prove it, they even stood in what they were drinking……



16 Responses

  1. I hope it doesn’t give them the runs???

    Will they walk all through the house with their milk paws?

  2. Pamela – that’s the strangest thing, while most dogs and cats are lactose intolerant, everyone up here is ok with drinking milk. They all get a milk treat everyday when I make my morning coffee.

    And no, there were no milky paw prints.

  3. This is why I own dogs…

    When my family goes on trips without dogs and my kids spill something on the floor – I am always a little shocked that I actually have to bend over and clean it up myself. Bring on the tongues!!!

  4. I could have used them this morning when Funny Girl dumped her cereal and her brother’s cereal all.over.the.kitchen.


  5. You should rename your pooches Hoover and Dust Buster.

  6. Hey! You can even have them clean your dishes for you!!

  7. Claudia – I do.

  8. love the line about your hand being stupid and obedient. made me laugh.

  9. Hmmmm….reactive soils…that might explain some “things”;).

    Me, too, Heather.

    Susan, if it was just her own, it’s a “childish” thing…when she adds her brother’s, it’s a “foolish” thing…My, she was startin’ early (don’t they always??? :/ 🙂 ).

    Oooooo, Peter, sorry, this is YOUR blog. Remind me to bring paper plates when we come over for dinner.

  10. Our puppies! ! ! Just gotta LOVE ‘EM! Our dogs come in when we have a mess in the kitchen. . . Now that the boys are older it doesn’t happen as much. . .But I do have hands like yours occasionally. . .:)

  11. Ew. You let your dogs drink milk that dogs had stood in?

    How disgusting.

  12. I think it’s great you took a picture of this! I love daily life shots.

  13. Oh, those dogs got a glimpse of heaven! Should have tossed some meat down too–an all you can eat buffet.

    I love how my pooch cleans up after the kids. And he teaches them not to leave their food lying around anywhere but on the table or counter 😉

  14. Ooh! Ooh! Dog pictures! Bring on the dog pictures!

    Did you mop afterward or just leave the milky, tongue-ish residue to dry to a sheen?

  15. *You ever had one of those real life slow motion moments?*

    Yes, I recall one moment involving me punting a cup of fruit punch. One which you enjoyed thoroughly, I might add.

    You did the right thing. Puppies need a little milk to wash a meal down, even if it’s poop. Your subconscious brain was doing them a favor, see?

  16. ROLF thats funny.. my dogs clean up the mess from my kids all the time:) thank the lord for the puppies when yu have a one year old and toddler who like to throw food…

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