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Thanksgiving free zone.

There seems to be a common theme running through everyone’s posts today. Are you guys celebrating something called Thanksgiving over there? Just kidding, I know you are, but in case you don’t know, we don’t suffer celebrate Thanksgiving over here.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t thankful, why every year I say out loud "Thank God we don’t have Thanksgiving!" I’m constantly amazed by the bloggers who read OUAB, everyone seems to have a loving, extended family (actually, half of you are in the same one!), that’s something I truly envy.

So for those of you who don’t think of the other side of the coin, let’s put it this way…The majority (and I’m speaking statistically here) of families don’t have a loving harmonious environment, and in fact, a good many families would have no contact with the other members if it weren’t for the fact that they all swam in the same gene pool.

So here’s a thought…Let’s get a bunch of people who really don’t care all that much for each other’s company, place massive expectations on them, make them all share each other’s space and to add to the excitement, add copious amounts of alcohol. Fuck me! I just described Big Brother. Unfortunately you can’t vote out your mother.

So yeah, we’re thankful, thankful that we only have to do it a Christmas.

Oh, and one more thing we’re thankful for…

We thank god that this guy belongs to you, and not us.


16 Responses

  1. Hey Willow… I am glad and thankful to have a long weekend! yeah! I’m actually going over to some friend’s house…if they dare put football on, I am outta there!

  2. Wasn’t able to be with more family – Ours are all stretched out and I work tomorrow. It was quiet and peaceful here. TG is much easier than Christmas. Less expectations. NO PRESENTS Just food and fellowship.

    My family never had the drunks and discord. Getting together was something we eagerly anticipated. (except cleaning the dishes)

    I always support the President. Even if one isn’t my choice. He (or she, which is a distinct possibility next time) needs prayers. So much responsibility. So little respect. So little pay.
    Every decision dissected and found wanting.

    I won’t speak ill of whoever is in office.

  3. My post today has NOTHING to do with Thanksgiving! Thanks for the nice comment, btw.

  4. I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is over.

    Oh and my post is all about cat butt gum and possessed dolls today, so there.

    PS. Happy Early Christmas, my friend.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving you grumpy Australian.

  6. I can’t believe it, but I am in perfect agreement with you.

  7. WOW, I thought I was a bit on the grumpy side.

  8. I think someone needs a hug.

    Only once a year? Boy, are you lucky. It’s 3 times a year for sure for us–Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas–plus special family gatherings like birthdays, graduation parties, etc. Not all of us Americans are delighted to spend time with extended family. I think for many it’s more stress than fun.

    Both DH and I have extended family we spent the holidays with, but it sure isn’t all harmonious. More like we tiptoe around each other, making boring small talk. Drives me crazy and makes for a long day. We only see them because they are blood relatives and it is just expected of us. If they weren’t relatives, we would probably never spend time with them. We only see them on holidays or special family gatherings. I personally would much prefer and more enjoy a holiday spent with dear friends and a just few relatives of our choosing.

  9. You are right about the family thing, I don’t have a normal “happy family”. We have a bipolar, multi-personality mother, so you never knew who was going to show up for dinner- including holidays. No joke.

    I have joked in the past that somebody peed in my gene pool , and I think I have seen a dead frog frog or two.

    You are wrong about voting mom out, my younger brother and I voted her out almost 3 years ago, so there! :OP

    I’m just happy I finally had a holiday where I didn’t want to maim my MIL. Even though the potatoes boiled over and the turkey wasn’t completely cooked on the bottom, none of that was her fault, so I had no excuse. Better luck next time.

  10. you need to watch Arlo a while…

  11. but we don’t have two Christmas.

    Hey.. the photo album.
    I have queries about some pictures.

    One in Asia with what looks like a woman lying on the ground..doing something and the picture may have been taken out of a window of what a plane? or a bus?

    and then the cake? valentine?

    and then sjnapa-13 in America . What is that.

    You have some wonderful pictures. makes me want to travel. sigh.

  12. Very accurate analysis. I like you.

  13. So – that picture of the turkeys – which one were you talking about? 😉 🙂 🙂

  14. Careful what you say, your mother is on the warpath.

  15. LOL you can have that guy anytime you want him I wouldn’t mind at t’all!!!!

  16. Are you serious? There are really loving harmonious families out there? Where? I want to see one. I have been to two TG celebrations this weekend and neither was harmonious. I found that I was thankful I don’t live in the same town as either of our families, but we really already knew that it was just a reminder. I also found that I was thankful that my arse isn’t near as large as my sisters. She can be one big Arse! And she was again as usual. I was so thankful to come home. But the turkey was good! 🙂

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