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Picture this.

Pamela had some questions regarding my new high-falootin’ photo albums (thank you Pamela, I almost didn’t post today because I was too lazy to come up with something).

But before I answer, I just want to make sure everyone understands that if you hover the cursor over something and it changes to a hand, it means you can click on the object. It’s normally either a hyper text link (the HT in HTTP) or it will give an enlarged view of the image (I don’t mean just here, I mean anywhere, it’s a CUA96 convention for GUIs).

On to the questions.

One in Asia with what looks like a woman lying on the ground..doing
something and the picture may have been taken out of a window of what a
plane? or a bus?

I think this is the one you’re talking about, although she doesn’t look like she’s lying on the ground, and that would be a really low-flying plane!


But if this is the one, here’s the explanation: the picture is taken from the deck of the hut in the picture below (right where MDW is sitting), and she was cutting that green stuff. Why? because it was some kind of herb that went into that night’s dinner. If you click on it you can see she has a knife in her left hand and a plastic bag in her right.


and then the cake? valentine?


Pamela, that’s not a cake, it’s a giant chocolate chip cookie and yes it was for Valentine’s day.

and then sjnapa-13 in America .  What is that?

That photo is too boring to include in this post (I don’t know why I even put it in the album), go back and click on it, it needs no explanation.


6 Responses

  1. The plane thing popped out of me because my very good friends in Irian Jaya have a plane, and people are always coming up and messing around on their little home-built runway. Long story. I had enlarged that picture and could never make out the knife.

    Okay – so I thought you looked cute with the valentine. I admit it. (:

    I liked the Grand Canyon picture, too. We’ve driven by and never stopped. Shameful, huh.

  2. Love the photo albums.

    I hadn’t pictured you with a beard! That surprised me. (Not that I don’t like beards, I do, but I had pictured you looking like my (beardless) uncle, since your personalities seem similar.)

    I see you’ve been to the Grand Canyon. I haven’t been there on foot, but when we flew over it at 35,000 feet or so, it was still incredibly impressive. I got some good photos of it from the plane window.

    Some day I’ll go there and then swing by Frank’s place, LOL. I do miss Frank.

  3. Pamela – Ah ha! You just wanted another look at me and my cookie.

    Kila – What surprises me is that you were surprised by my beard, I’ve put probably 10 to 15 pictures of me up so far and they’ve all had beards. I miss Frank too.

  4. Dude. You look just like a young Richard Dreyfuss.

    (That’s a compliment, by the way.)

  5. I thought the same thing, Jenny!

    I love the photo albums – nice touch.

  6. Hey! Photo albums! When did you do that..?

    I’m going to have to give that a try myself.

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