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Mr Humblebum.

Aww gosh guys, thanks a bunch.

I’ve got a split screen thing going here and I figure that if I read through the comments and address them, I should be able to get a whole post out of it (on the house).

Robin,  technically your use of large and infinite is not redundant given that something can be referred to as being infinitely small as well (that’s not redundant that’s just plain weird, if it was infinitely small it wouldn’t exist). Now see, this just proves my point! How can people ignore such riveting, informative writing. Got me beat.

I’m not going to say who I read because in the end it’s totally subjective and the truth is I have no right to criticize anyone for their success, so if I keep it anonymous it should be OK. Having said that, I will say that Dooce, despite once being both humorous and cutting edge, seems to have fallen into this kind of Stepford Mom genre, but still attracts a huge audience in spite of this (or maybe because of it).

To my mind, Jenny you are one of the few in the category of "writes well, has lots of readers". You always make me laugh, and it surprises me that you say you have to leave comments, I don’t think this is the case. But don’t stop leaving them here, it adds class.

Heather, you ask when was the last time I visited your site? That would be yesterday, as I haven’t done any reading yet today. You are a good example of the "writes very well, deserves more readers" category. Although since you’ve been going to all those Christian writer conferences, your readership has significantly increased. I don’t comment because as I’ve said before, there’s a time and a place for humour, and it’s not necessarily in the comments section of a brilliant piece of prose, plus do I seem like the kind of guy that would ever read the books you review!

Swampy, nice try! Quality is more important than quantity is a line I’ve been using for years (except I’m usually talking about my pecker when I say it). And I don’t really believe it then either. Of course I want good quality, witty comments, but I want lots of them! Just because you guys get me, and can express it, doesn’t make me famous, it just makes me fortunate.  Oh yeah Swampy, 
"And for us who are repeat commentors on the same post…your words cause me to ponder and then come back to add more."…..Not helping, that just means I was too obtuse!

Stephanie, nice try and thanks, but I direct you to the previous paragraph. But don’t let that deter you, comment away!!

Ha! Pamela, do you seriously think that soft porn is any match for an antique oil painting of a poodle? You’re just not paying attention. You should have quit while you were ahead…"Nice post" said it all.

I agonised over whether to include this or not as I wasn’t sure if it was: (a) – a brilliantly subversive piece of work to illustrate a point, (b) – a couple of typos, or (c) – an example of what happens when you don’t  proofread. Given that I read Kila all the time, and I know that she does in fact have a good command of both grammar and vocabulary, I’ll vote for (a)…but you decide: "I, too, noticed that the poor crude the language is, the larger the adoring audience. Like flies to poop."  Oh, never mind, I just came to the comment where it was explained to me, but while we’re at it, it should read "I too," instead of "I,too,". Picky, picky.

Tiffany, I think my sitemeter is broken (I keep telling myself that to make me feel better).

Hey thanks guys, I did get a whole post out of it. Plus I seem to have fixed my computer problems too. Anyway, I feel love, and its a good feeling. Maybe I’ll keep writing, after all I haven told you about the mining accident yet have I?

Updated** Mea Culpa… I’m sorry Claudia, I left you out. Just proves I really am a thoughtless prick. Thank you for your long and constant support, I always look forward to your comments.


21 Responses

  1. (Excuse me while my inner nerd comes out.) I believe that it should be “I, too” and not “I too.”

    On a more positive (and less critical) note, I enjoyed this post immensely. I have just as much reading your posts as I do reading the comments your receive.

  2. Ah Susan – don’t you just love it when you correct someone and make a typo while you’re doing it?
    Did you really mean “I have just as much reading your posts as I do reading the comments your receive.” ?

    As for the punctuation, the easiest way to determine where the pause (comma) should be is to say it out loud, I think you’ll find that, as usual, I’m right. But then you could be too.

    It is such a heavy burden being perfect.

    Pleas take this comment in the spirit of fun in which it is written, you know I wouldn’t purposely insult you or anyone who reads OUAB(inadvertently is an entirely different kettle of fish).

  3. All that matters to me is that I still have the “Best Pithy Comment” OUAB Award – I cherish it forever.

  4. Oh god, grammar nerds. I must be in the right place.

    Willowtree, I will keep reading and leaving snide comments, and if I don’t leave a comment, please take it personally. Wink.

  5. Oh, I forgot something. I rarely feel like I have a single thing comment-worthy to say. Seriously. I don’t even feel like I have anything to write really. I do read everybody’s stuff, though.

  6. sniff…I was feeling left out…sniff…

  7. I try not to agree with Willowtree just on principle (principal? No. Principle.) because it’s fun to see him flustered but I’m with him on this “I too” thing. Not that it matters, considering I habitually misspell (mispell? miss-spell?) the word “their”. Every. single. day.

    And thank you for the compliment.

    Personally I spend more time on certain sites because of their *ahem* chat-room-like qualities. And like it or not…you’ve got in spades. Long-running private jokes, a regular cast of characters, and commenters that make me laugh and often threaten me.

    Very nice.

  8. The Willowtree bends but never breaks.

    except wind.

  9. Okay, as the granddaughter of an English teacher (and, yes, Melissa, a fellow grammar nerd), I must weigh in on the debate. The correct punctuation is, indeed, “I, too.”

    Okay, I write Texan ’cause I talk Texan, but I totally know what’s correct.

    As does Jenny. Don’t let her fool ya. Hers one smart cooky. Cookie. Whatever!

    We heart you, WT. Even when you’re breaking. Just lightamatch!

  10. I caused you agony? Gosh, you just made my day 😉

    By the way, unless you’re British, that’s agonized, not agonised 😉 Since you currently live in Australia, I think I can give you a pass.

    Thanks for the compliment about having good grammar. My uncle is a genius AND an English teacher, therefore every time I write ANYTHING, even just a memo at work, I wonder if it would meet his approval.

    I’m going to ask him about the “I too” thing so I can sleep tonight.

  11. Does this mean I’m now part of the cast of characters *and* part of Jenny’s entourage? Because I need a bigger paycheck for this shit.

  12. CRAP! I didn’t see it! I guess that’s what I get for being a smarta$$. Oh, the shame!

  13. “I, too” would have been correct if there were no comma after “too”, but there was in this case.

    it could be: “I, (pause) too believe grammar is important”

    but more appropriate is: “I too, (pause) believe grammar is important”

    but one would never speak thus: “I, (pause) too, (pause) believe grammar is important”

    People please, when will you accept that in all matters English I am inflammable.

  14. I think we should all just start spelling out our pauses to keep things clear.

    eg: I (pause) for one (pause) cannot believe a conversation about commas has gone on this long.

  15. Wait until we get to semi-colons!

  16. Plus, it’s about the comments not the commas, (now that’s a sweet turn of phrase!), and how many I can rack up!

  17. You (pause) sir (pause) are a comment whore.

  18. hey! Talking about comma’s is better than talking about periods.

  19. I’m with Pamela on this one. By the way, thanks for the giggles Melissa and WT (pause) I really needed them.

  20. People please, when will you accept that in all matters English I am inflammable.

    When you stop making typos ;).

    I hate typos in comments (and posts) and being able to delete (and rewrite) my own comments is one good thing about Blogger……

    Thank g a w d there are no ellipsis police (…or exclamation mark police…or parenthetical police)….! I’d be jailed for life (no commas necessary)!

    For the record, I had half a dozen typos (SO unlike me!) in this brief-but-getting-longer-by-the-second comment and was of the utmost gratitude for being able to “preview” before “posting” ;).

  21. Robin, a typo is generally when incorrect keys are pressed in the author’s haste to complete the sentence. It is unusual that the erroneously typed letters would result in another similar sounding word (homonym) being spelled correctly.

    When it is done on purpose it is a ‘figure of speech’ rather than a ‘typo’.

    This is in fact paronomasia and not a typographical error (the correct term for a typo).

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