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One man’s ceiling.

The title comes from a Paul Simon song "One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor". The reason I chose this title is because I think it describes the two pictures I’m about to show you. Yes I think it’s time for a picture or two since I’ve temporarily run out of insults.

As the cats like to sleep outside all year round, I got a bit concerned for them during the winter months so I sent away for this high tech cat house….


It’s great, fully insulated with a removable padded mattress so you can keep it nice and clean. And what’s more the cats like it (as you can see). Problem is the dogs like it too, but they are too big to fit inside , so they need to perform some moderations to make it work for them. Something like this….


Hence the whole "One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor" concept.

It’s become sort of a daily ritual, the dogs flatten it out and I puff it up again. Except I haven’t been able to do it lately due to some heavy duty winds blowing it all the way under the house.


14 Responses

  1. You’re trying to make us beg for the mining accident, aren’t you?

    Looks like you might hit 30 comments just for whining & hurling abuse ;). I got 20+ for writing about NOTHING, which tells me something I’m not sure I wanna hear :/.

  2. Made of a material that cat fur doesn’t stick to. I may need to go to Australia just to buy one.

  3. Do the cats and the dogs have some sort of time-share arrangement for the pretty pink house? (Or purple? I dunno the color. I’m at work, and my monitor here can be deciving.)

    Your fuzzy babies are so evolved!! Impressive!!

  4. Well..if it’s under your house it really is your floor. And what happened to the beanbag chair? that’s not good enough anymore? or have they been banned from it?

  5. That is funny. Do they come in larger doggy sizes?

    Do the pets ever fight each other over it?

    I think it must be the color that they find so appealing 😉

  6. OOH – the dogs are in the cathouse.

    and I’m with Robin – I’ll say it again:

    Where’s the horrible mining accident? I’m going to keep bugging you until you post.

  7. Soooo funny!! Boy, you’re on fire today with the clever titles/phrases!

  8. I thought of you yesterday when I walked down the street – a fancy little car was bleeping it’s burglar alarm. While inside a little pug in a Christmas sweater was bouncing around from window to window –

    I’m assuming the dog set it off.

    Cool cat house — suprising that they’ll go in there. Cats are so darned independant you can buy them the moon and they might disdain it.

  9. Pamela – you obviously are a cat owner (we both know that ‘owner’ is not really the correct term here).

    They really show their true colours when you go out of your way to buy them a special food treat, only to be shown total disdain. Shit! you used disdain, ok I’ll go with indifference.

  10. I don’t know that song.

    Sing it for me…

  11. Oh my god, that is hilarious! Did you spring for the removable warming pad too? A friend of mine got one for her arthritic dog.

  12. HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Sorry to hear that B was in the States and missed it. Bummer. …(eaves-reading at julie’s.)

  13. ROLF that is funny.. and cute;) sweet of ya to think of the kitties;)

  14. That happens to my old lady kitty’s house too… she lives inside but is an old and decrepit 17, only it’s my toddler trying use it as a bean bag chair.

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