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I don’t want pity, but I wouldn’t mind some cash.

This is a hurried (unplanned) post, as I was just over at Karmyn’s (not two minutes ago) and saw that she is telling people that I just had a wedding Anniversary while MDW was in California. It’s not a lie, it’s just that I didn’t plan on saying anything about it, but as she’s asking bloggers to come and wish me happy anniversary, I thought I better give you somewhere to do it.

However rather than sending me your best wishes, I’d prefer that you sent some of this……


I can’t believe I got a chance to use this picture!!  I found the negative last night when I was amusing myself while waiting for Veronica Mars (I know there’ll be some wise-ass comments about that but I’m too lazy to change it). When I saw it, I remembered the time fondly and decided to scan it, but then when I did I thought "what the fuck can I do with this?" Well, now I know. Oh, and in case you don’t recognise them, they are all quarters.

Thank you Karmyn.

I thought about posting a wedding picture, but as I was in a hurry (plus I don’t have many on the PC up here) I left it out. But trust the OUAB gang to want one. So here ya go…


Meet the inlaws.

Seeing as everyone seems to be doing these quiz things lately, here’s one. There’s no prize for the right answer (this is me we’re talking about here), but the question is: How long have we been married?

The reason I don’t come straight out and tell you is because I’m sure I’ve mentioned it more than a few times, both here and in comments on other blogs. However, I will give you a clue, this anniversary means that I have been married exactly half my life.

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