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And the winner is XXVI

Yes that’s right, Karmyn and Claudia both answered correctly. We have been married just over a quarter of a century. Too bad there’s no prizes, but if you really want something, email me with your address and I’ll see what I can do.

Now for the really big news!! This is the first (and probably last) Blogging Pricks Carnival, anyone who has their reproductive organs on the outside of their body is welcome to join in. The theme for this month’s Carnival is "Easy Meals for High Class Dinner Parties".

I’ll be showing you how to make a spectacular three course banquet. While there are some relatively complex steps, for the most part it’s reasonably straightforward, and I’m sure you’ll be able to cope.

First course is an exotic little number I like to call Nudels de Boef. You’ll need a pot, some source of heat (stove tops work pretty good) and the liquid of your choice, although I’ve always found that water seems to work best with this recipe, and make sure you have plenty as we will be putting some aside to use later. You’ll also need your glasses, if you wear them, as the instructions can be a bitch to read. Shit, I almost forgot the raw ingredients…


It’s important when planning a menu that it is not only aesthetically pleasing (looks good, for those without a dictionary) and delicious, but it must also be balanced nutritionally. With this in mind, our main course will be Petite Poisson avec sauce de Tomate. In order to ensure the authentic international flavour (that’s how the French and English spell it) of the banquet, I’ve sourced the ingredients from oh, Canada.  I’m told that some of those Canadian folk can speak pretty good french. This recipe is a little tricky as there are sharp edges involved, so be careful…


Now to the piece of resistance (that’s english for piece de resistance), the crowning glory as it were. This is where you need the water that you set aside from the first course. Don’t worry if you have too much, I’ve got a little trick that will come in very handy for the cocktails. This little number I have called flavoured gelatin that you  make very hot by adding water then allow it to cool down (a lot). It’s most important when making this dessert that the water is well above room temperature, otherwise the final consistency will not be what we’re trying to achieve (don’t ask how I know this)…


Now for those of you who still have some water left, here’s what you do, put it in the freezer for a while. When it is sufficiently hard (sometimes called ice) remove and add to the other cocktail ingredient (that would be the whiskey).

So there you have it, I’ll bet you London to a brick that you’ll impress the shit out of your friends with this one.


23 Responses

  1. so…do you miss my blog yet?

  2. That sounds…awful.

    You don’t have a lot of dinner parties, do you?

  3. funny…that is English for…funny

  4. Sounds yummy?

  5. So do you combine all of these into some kind of passionfruit noodle aspic? Because that, that sounds truly horrifying.

  6. I’m gone for awhile and what happens? You have an anniversary…
    The money is in the mail.
    What!! A dinner party with no VEGMITE, or however you spell it?
    Best Wishes, too.
    Hiccup ! Too much fruitcake…

  7. …in Like Flint, refers to James Coburn’s 1967 sequel to the spy film “Our Man Flint”…not to be cornfused with “Our Man Flynn” the Australian-born Errol Flynn in regard to his sexual seduction… referring to “in Like Flynn.” 🙂

  8. Reproductive organs on the outside of their body?

    The word for today is: Prolapse.

    Okay… now about fixing top ramen, when it’s just at a nice hot bubble you can also pour in a whipped egg and make yourself some nice egg flower and noodle soup.

  9. of course I’m totally against whipping eggs.

    I think it’s barbaric and cruel and unusual.

  10. I wonder if Swampwitch gets WV when she posts 3 comments in a row

  11. The perfect wine for that meal:

    anything less than 3 bucks!

    Je ne viens pas a votre maison pour le diner.

  12. LOL

    Sardines in tomato sauce? What else have I been missing out on my whole life?

    My DH pretty much limits his diet to things he has shot, caught, or grown himself.

  13. After the noodle part I got lost and it seemed dangerous. I do hope that the next edition is about beans on toast. Mmmm, take me back to England, but not for the food.

  14. Jenny – not many, unless you count the ones with the pooches.

    Claudia – merci, that’s french for ‘no shit sherlock’

    Melissa – hey stop trying to top me with your exotic meals. But Passionfruit and sardines in Tomato noodle aspic does sound pretty good.

    Thampwidth – he was our man Flynn, he only worked (and screwed in America). I had to scratch my head for a while, and almost got all technical on your ass until I realise you were pulling my leg, glad you’re back. Have I missed any body parts?

    Pamela1 – that’s getting a bit too complex, I usually just throw in an egg still in the shell, that way I get a side of boiled egg to go with the noodles.

    Pamela2 – the word for yesterday was: codpiece.

    Pamela3 – Swampy’s much too clever for the 3 comments and you’re WV’d rule, notice how she changes her name to confuse the counter.

    Marnie – trop mauvais, j’aimerais avoir vous est venu pour un repas.

    Kila – I sometimes get mould on my bread, does than count as having grown it myself?

  15. Mark – beans on toast has too many ingredients to have as part of a dinner party, that’s event all by itself.

  16. Todays word allows a woman to participate in your carnival.

    As for codpiece – refer to my Gourd story and my response to one of the comments

  17. Yumo! Sardines!

    I do not speak French. Spanish. Italian.

    I do however know sign language. ….honest.

  18. You can serve this with that milk you spilled all over your floor a while back. It’s the only possible beverage choice.

  19. I can’t buy those high class ingredients here in rural oregon – shucks, I’m all out of luck.

  20. Isn’t is incredible how you can sense sarcasm through words over the internet? …and you can’t even see “my lips moving.” Get it? 🙂

  21. Roadkill is looking better and better every day….

  22. If you serve me enough of that whiskey (with or without ice), I won’t care about the rest!…except the gelatin. It’s even worse with the whiskey, being food that MOVES, and all!

    SO, I’m just waiting for my invitation!

  23. I agree with Robin…

    I’ll take the sardines please, and forget the rest. Thanks.

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