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Now that’s patience!!

***Updated: What a prick I am, I thought
that Pamela and Karmyn were among my oldest blog-buddies, but I
dismissed it thinking that I just was confused because they are
probably the most consistent (and consistently funny). So rather than
double check, I just plowed on. Well of course I stuffed up!! What else
is new. I went back and checked, and yes, Pamela and Karmyn are most
certainly among my oldest buddies (not in age, dummy!, although Pamela I think you do qualify there too). Susan is also a
very long term buddy, and what Robin lacks in length of time, she more
than makes up for in number and quality of comments. So please accept
my humble apologies.

What a bastard! If Pamela hadn’t read the post within 30 seconds of it being posted, I would have got away with a re-write and no apology. D’oh!

So, on with the show……

I ran out of blogs to read this afternoon (as Melissa has pointed out, no-one posts on Sundays) so I thought, just for the fun of it I’d go back to the beginnings of some of my blog-buddies and see how things have evolved. Marnie, Julie and Claudia have been my buddies the longest (oh and Ree of course, but I don’t see much of her these days), so today I went back to the start of Claudia’s, because I’ve been to the beginning of the others’ blogs.

What the hell has this got to do with anything????  Funny I should ask, because I was just about to explain. But before I do, I must ask a question, two actually. First, what ever happened to g-lo? And second but more importantly, what were you thinking?! You put 66 pictures in one post! That must have taken the patience of a saint. If you guys don’t believe me here’s the proof. It’s worthwhile having a look if you have broadband, if you don’t, make sure you have plenty of time.  That has got to be some kind of a record!

Now who’ll be next???

And what will I find???

This is totally unrelated, but not really.

This should really be separate post, but somehow, it just seemed churlish to devote a full post to bagging someone, particularly since I don’t even know them. (I hope karma doesn’t get involved)

I used to be jealous of Jenny at Mama Drama, not because she gets about a thousand times more comments than me (she gets them because she’s a thousand times funnier than me). No, I was jealous because I thought she had an unfair advantage by being part of the Houston Chronicle website.

To prove that Jenny does it on merit, go and check out this guy, he is also on the Chron website. He purports to be a stand up comic, but I think he would be better in espionage because he disguises his comedy really well, in fact despite an exhaustive search, I wasn’t able to find traces anywhere. What I did find however, (and this could also be a record, as well as a tie in to the title of this post) was that  of all the posts I scrolled through, he hasn’t received one comment. Now that’s funny!

If you want to see for yourself, the blog is Laugh 101.


29 Responses

  1. wow. that was something.
    The only web site that i’ve gone back and looked at PreMe mosts were yours, Rees, and Robins.
    I’m already addicted – now look, you’ve enabled me.

  2. Wow Pamela, that was quick, I don’t even know if you got the second half of the post, I added it in hindsight.

  3. Well, obviously you didn’t read the comments or the follow-up to that post, wherein I was lambasted by nearly everyone who decided they were going to post that Sunday.

    Also I posted today. But you already know I posted today, since you insulted me today too.

    If I post on a Sunday and you don’t insult me, did I really post?

  4. okay – I was a little startled looking at the guys profile – because my brother-in-law calls himself ReyRey for some reason. I have to go back now and give that guy a comment.

  5. Yes Melissa, I do recall you being savagely attacked for that post. If I had a spine I may have come to your defense.
    I notice that those who were most vocal then seem to be the quietest on Sundays.

    Karmyn – be careful, he may be going for some kind of a record.

  6. One reason that Jenny is a thousand times funnier than you is that she has a daughter that has a doll she named, “Snake.” There are probably 999 more reasons that I will add with 999 P.S.’s in disquise.
    Oh, I can’t believe no one has commented, but I’ll wait until I see KarmynR’s comment in case he really is going for a record.

  7. I am a bit offended I never qualified as one of your “blog friends;” only as one of the “blogs I read.”

  8. Beth – its a bit hard to call you a buddy when you disappear without a trace so often.

    Plus the people who qualify as blog friends actually read my blog rather than just drop in and leave unrelated comments that are all about them. On top of that I can’t go back over you blogs(s) because you keep deleting them.

  9. Well, now…it’s e a r l y, I lack sleep (not just barking dogs once, but TWICE…AND the phone ringing at 5 something AND my son’s STUPID alarm going off early), I’m in a foul mood, it’s 24 degrees but feels like 14, and I think I growled instead of speaking to my kids just now. I’m on my first cup of coffee and it will be one of many.

    In the midst of all that, I read this, and after re-reading it, I saw the compliment…or at least that’s how I’m taking it. I remember when I went back to read your early stuff, seeing Marnie and Julie’s comments…why did it take me so long to follow Claudia’s and Ree’s, too? Then again, it was from Julie that I found you, and the rest is history (ahem…cough cough). But I don’t remember K & P’s comments back then, and I sure ain’t going back to look!

    I actually miss having time to go back and READ bloggers’ early posts; I like to see their starting point. I have done that w/Claudia’s recently, but there are too many to keep up with now, and you, my friend, should consider yourself LUCKY (or something, anyway) ’cause I extended YOU that courtesy. Then again, you had only been blogging a month or two, so it really wasn’t that much after all. I WAS worried you’d (anyone, when I do this) think I was a stalker. Or wierd. Or pitifully needy.

    Glad my brilliance finally shone through. Wait…make that frequency and quality (sheesh…).

  10. I have a few new blogs, and yes, sadly, they are all about me…but isn’t your blog all about you?

  11. and I do read your blog..all three of them….although I don’t know why.

  12. Beth – I’m just happy to be in the “Blogs I Read” category. I used to be in his sarcastic “chatroom” category.

    Oh and ANYONE can have a Chronicle blog if they can write half-way decent and have a good topic that isn’t already covered. They have an opening for a vegetarian blog if you can give up your barbie.

    And by barbie I mean Australian BBQ, not your Barbie Doll.

    But really, isn’t it about time you give up that as well?

  13. I think I’ll just stick to American blogs. These Australian blogs keep getting me into trouble anyway.

  14. Oh, and I’m not a Jesus freak either.

  15. wow…I can’t believe I wrote that…I’m sorry…I just can’t insult people…

    over and out.

  16. Wow, what the hell did I miss? And I know you would have left something supportive. It’s not your lack of spine, I believe it’s your lack of “supportive comment DNA.” Or maybe its all that passionfruit tomato sardine aspic you’re eating that’s causing a deficiency.

  17. I didn’t take offense —
    I think your time table is correct.

    hey – yesterday every blog I visited you were one comment ahead of me.

    It was like i was Magnum PI or something – right on you tail

  18. I was wondering why all of a sudden I was getting comments from way back when!! Thanks Willow!! 🙂
    As for G-Lo…she is still around…she changed her name to Gala and she doesn’t comment much. And was it 66 pics? Man, I should have travelled down highway 66 for that! of course, back then, I had more time as a newbie blogger…

  19. That comment about the comedic was just downright funny! And I don’t even know about whom you speak.

  20. Well, apology accepted – although I hadn’t really been offended. But, hey – I’ll take any apology and run with it.

  21. Here I am. Lonely old me not on a list at all.

    Robin~~ THAT is what “pitifully needy” looks like. =)

  22. So, that’s how it’s done ! Be just a little “controversial” (or maybe that’s not the correct word, but I’m sure you’ll help me with finding it) and the comments just line up at the door. DubYaT, you are a master at this. And BTW, thanks for listing me on your Blogs I Read list…Just now realized I was there after reading the above comments. I think all these would make a great post. Not that they are more interesting than your other posts. I’m not saying that at all.
    Yuck! Yuck! Just that this was pretty interesting reading today. If I remember correctly, Pamela was my first commentor at my blog on BloggerGoober. (I think) Will have to go back to make sure. AND, I remember your comment that you were probably my first international commentor with you saying “and he’s married to you, isn’t he?”
    or something like that in reference to a post about the HansMan. Always a riot over here, or down under, or where ever you are, DubYaT.

  23. Every time I go out of town, your blog is the first one of the first that I check when I get back. Now that I’m back, once again, I feel like I’ve missed the big party!

  24. Oh good day! I won’t even try to justify the grammatical crap that I just wrote…..oh, who am I kidding?

    I originally typed “the first one” then feared that I may offend someone so I wrote “one of the first” and then I didn’t proofread and now…..now…..well, now I’m just an idiot.

    (*proof*) (*post*)

  25. Wow. Hey, Mr. 24 comments. Pretty darn amazing.
    Anyways, thanks to your comment on my blog, I caught a dire mistake. A non-reader, indeed! I posted something horribly wrong. I fixed it, though. Try dedicated reader on for size.

  26. Susan – no, you’re definitely not an idiot, in fact you were very smart of go back and change it. I can guarantee that bloggers forgive a typo much more readily than they forgive a perceived insult (I want to say ‘slight’ but I’m not sure if you use it over there).

    Heather – that’s more like it!!!

  27. “I ran out of blogs to read this afternoon (as Melissa has pointed out, no-one posts on Sundays)”

    I can’t use my computer at work for blogging.
    So I get friggin cranky when I get up early monday and my bloglines are lit up like a Christmas tree… and I have to go to work (On my lunch right now, so I’m away from the fire wall)

  28. Wow, look at all these comments. They are as good as the post. I am honored to be on the blogs I read list. 🙂 I thought about putting one up but was afraid I would offend people if I didn’t put their names on the list. Maybe one day.

  29. Wow, look at all these comments. They are as good as the post. I am honored to be on the blogs I read list. 🙂 I thought about putting one up but was afraid I would offend people if I didn’t put their names on the list. Maybe one day.

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