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I’m not a plaigerist, I’m just lazy.

Now you all know I’m not one to exploit the effort of others for my own gain, and I’m especially not the type who would produce a post based solely on the comments of my blog-buddies (who by the way are among the smartest and wittiest in the blogoshpere, there that should make them happy).

You also know that I am definitely not one to make a joke at the expense of others. So you know that my including these two comments here is simply because they make a point much more eloquently that I could (well, one of them does anyway, it’s always hard to give the impression of profundity when you quote Jenny).

Once in a very rare while, a comment will be left that is so profound (you should know what that means if you looked up profundity), so insightful and well, so true, that I just have to share it with you. This pearl of wisdom comes from Wolfbaby: "That is just way to funny, I shouldn’t wait so long between visit’s (sic) I should be knocked over the head for that;)" I would like you to ponder that for a minute, as it just about says it all (unfortunately I haven’t seen her since she left it).

This next one from Jenny is a good example of how a witty comment can turn around and bite you on the arse, and I ought to know! Initially is seems innocuous enough, but there is a sting in the tail (although I’m not sure how a tail stinger can actually bite you. for those keeping score, that one goes in the ‘mixed metaphor’ column). Jenny said: "And by barbie I mean Australian BBQ, not your Barbie Doll. But really, isn’t it about time you give up that as well?"

Ha! The joke’s on you Jenny! In your attempt to ridicule me you were obviously unaware that I actually do have a Barbie, so your sarcasm is misguided (and is it really sarcasm if it’s true?).

To answer your question: no, it isn’t time to give her up.


24 Responses

  1. HA! and I have NOTHING witty to say to that. – except you keep us on our toes, that’s for sure.

  2. “I’m not one to exploit the effort of others for my own gain” WHAT??? you are so not fun anymore if that’s how it’s going to be.

  3. Dude, if you have the matching “Roofie-passing Ken” doll, we’re totally going to have an intervention for you!!

  4. I wanted to say something clever about Skipper, but she is underage.

  5. I think that is still sarcasm, especially if it’s true.

  6. ps: I also saw the dying in your sleep like gramps thing yesterday and forgot to mention it.

    I think I need to find something that I can change like that to entertain the banner crowd.

  7. Out of curiosity, I just looked it up, and here’s the funny thing…the bulk of definitions all agree that in order to be sarcasm it must be spoken.

    If it’s written, it tends to be irony. Apparently verbal inflection has a lot to do with it…Yeah so?

  8. Damn! If I didn’t spend so much time proofreading, my comment would have been right after Janice’s, which is where it as meant to be!

  9. *snort*

    I freaking love it.

    And I’m glad for the sorority sluts wan, self-satisfied smile. Without it she could be mistaken for “gang-rape barbie”.

    I can’t believe I just wrote about gang-raping barbie.

    You are a very bad influence on me, WT.

  10. Willowtree, as I’m reading the comment that begins “Out of curiosity…”, I’m thinking, THIS sounds just like Willowtree…HA! It WAS you!

    I saw a tee-shirt at Disney I wanted to rip right off the man wearing it–it said, “Sarcasm is the body’s natural defense to stupidity.” I wanted it for me, I think you need it more ;).

    Jenny, OH MY! I had to leave a comment!!! THAT can’t be the last one in the list for very long :O !

    That picture just creeps me out, though…..:/.

  11. What time do all the people get up to post these comments? Sheesh!
    I know, I shouldn’t have clicked on the Barbie link…now I’m frantically looking for a slutty Ken doll…after reading Jenny’s post about the decapitated horse, and if I knew how to put a link in my comments, I would certainly put her blog link here..(OMG, I just spelled blog correctly without trying…)I’m just relieved that Barbie had her head on…Now, remember when you gave me some instructions about how to activate HTML in my comments? Can you tell me how to do that again? I can’t find that post. And last but not least, so ‘ironic’ that I mentioned sarcasm in my comment back to you today at my asylum…H-m-m-m-m
    Still with me? I tend to stray from my initial thought(s)…sometimes.



    (I have nothing to say. My comment is just….laughter.)

  13. D’oh….caught by a tiger in a tiger trap.

    I did indeed look up profundity…I thought I knew what it was…I was right, but it never hurts to be sure.

    Sarcasm…irony….surely these traits don’t darken your thoughts, blog or life WT.


  14. I love taking things out of context. Like WT is a closet Barbie collecter and Robin likes to rip shirts off of men who are complete strangers to her.

  15. Your new banner had me ROFL and feeling horrified for your family at the same time. (Especially since I had JUST driven past a bad accident requiring Flight For Life, yikes.)

    If your first two paragraphs are the defination of a new, improved WT, well, I’ll be crying myself to sleep.

    Shouldn’t Barbie have her mouth open?

  16. The only thing I’m thinking after reading this is how reading the word “arse” always makes me think of a pirate saying “arrrrgh.” So that’s worthy of a comment.

  17. Maybe you could take a picture of yourself in a pirate hat or something. That would rule.

  18. I don’t think I’m quick enough to comment on this blog. You kids are funny

  19. Melissa – First you have me post pictures of myself being attacked by t-rex, then you have Marnie in double D boobs…now you’re encouraging WT to dress up like a pirate?

    You must be stopped. Or encouraged. I’m not sure which yet.

  20. Vicki – don’t worry about not being quick enough, you comment has more chance of being featured if it’s stupid than if it’s brilliant.

    And everyone else, don’t leave funny comments on Mindy’s blog over at Mama Drama, she gets threatened easily. Must be a self esteem issue.

  21. Dear Vicki…My comments are ALWAYS featured…they’re ALWAYS more stupider than more brillianter ! And, I don’t even try, it just comes naturally.

  22. Technically Marnie boobed herself up. I didn’t have anything to do with that. Also, the world needed your t-rex pictures. It was a public service.

    I’m sure nobody needs pictures of Willowtree in a pirate hat, but how great would it be to point and laugh at them on our blogs? That’s got to be a worthy thing right there.

  23. I don’t know if I laughed more at the post, or your faithful commentors.

    I gotta ask.. really.. can’t help it.. ahhh…

    How old are you?

    BWAHAHAH! Thanks for making me laugh, everyday and twice on Sundays!

    “I stuff my bra for Melissa”

  24. So if the comment has more meret as being stupid does that mean im the Queen of stupid LOL… sign me up then. And here I thought I was bland enough to miss the mark. Sorry bout the delay.. *clears throat* must have been that life getting in the way of blogging thing again.

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