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Things don’t always go as planned.

**Warning, Uncharitable Rant Alert: If you consider yourself a good Christian, or even a decent human being, you might like to skip this and go on to your next blog.

Just yesterday I said that I wouldn’t be lazy anymore, and just take comments out of context to make a funny post. Well, there’s not much I can do about Divine Intervention, and that’s exactly what happened after that promise was made.

There is a member of the Mama Drama team who seems to spend more time commenting on Jenny’s posts than working on her own, and sadly, it shows. While this may not be an issue to her, as she seems to have set the bar at mediocrity (a goal she regularly achieves), I thought I would add my two cents worth in an effort to add some humor. To use the word sadly again, it didn’t work.

Given that I received a relatively severe bollocking, I thought, "What the heck, I’ve been insulted! That’s got to be worth something, a free post maybe.

Here is a series of comments taken straight from one of her posts, they are entirely un-edited and are copied in a block exactly as they appear in the comments section, but they may be considered out of context as I’m not about to include all the comments for that post, and the actual post is too boring to include anyway. You make up you own mind…..

Mark says he believes in Jiffy Pop.

Willow tree believes in …Corpus Delicti.

I can’t even speculate what holidays you two celebrate. 

But check out Willowtree’s astute use of language, Mark!  Who’s the lawyer here?!

Posted by: Stephanie  at December  4, 2006 04:16 PM

This is starting to sound like a Mythbusters episode. Have you
contacted the Discovery Channel yet? The dude made a meatloaf on his
motorcycle exhaust once, I’m sure they’d be interested…

Posted by: AnotherMom  at December  4, 2006 05:49 PM

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday! The words "meatloaf on his motorcycle" not referring to the ‘Bat out of Hell’ guy.

Posted by: willowtree  at December  4, 2006 08:03 PM

Stephanie–I think willowtree is just trying to impress us or maybe
he’s trying to impress Barbie (who the H*** is Barbie?). Anyway, you
can stop trying willowtree because I don’t give out comment awards.

Another Mom–You didn’t happen to get the recipe did you? My
meatloaf isn’t even edible when I bake it in an oven. A few exhaust
fumes couldn’t hurt.

willow tree–How old are you?

Posted by: min  at December  4, 2006 09:43 PM

Min, if you ever visited my site you’d know how old I was. If you want me to stop leaving comments, OK.

Posted by: willowtree  at December  5, 2006 02:20 AM

Oooh, one facetious remark about your age and you are cut to the
quick. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were so sensitive—probably
because I never visit your blogsite; Never have, never will. As for
leaving comments…that should be one’s individual choice, so do as you
like. We all know who you click over to chron.com to read…and I
somehow doubt it’s the comic.

—Oh, and I’m not being facetious about your sensitivity, that’s a good thing in my book.—

Posted by: min  at December  5, 2006 06:16 AM

Ok, now for some commentary, I didn’t include it next to the comments because I said it was unadulterated….

I mentioned that Min had never visited my site because a few days ago I had a post saying exactly how old I am, age is not an issue. I said that if she wanted me to stop I would, because that’s what she said in the comment immediately prior to mine.

Mindy seems to consider it quite an accomplishment to have never visited my site, a concept that I find rather perplexing, given that a) she spends so much time in Jenny’s comments either addressing me directly or referring to me, and b) her comment about the comic is strange indeed, seeing as I made a post about it just recently.

So there it is, a rant that really is of no interest to anyone except me, but then from what I read all around the place, that’s one of the advantages of having a blog. I did think twice about writing this as I didn’t want Mindy being offended if I accidentally said that she was a self-centered, arrogant, braindead moron…but then I realised that it would be more insulting to any braindead moron who happened to be reading. Plus Mindy never comes here anyway (if she did, she wouldn’t be surprised by this post) so it should be fine.

PS. Talk about divine intervention! I was going to say something nasty about Mindy personally but decided against it because its just not my style (getting personal that is, taking the piss is another matter). Well wouldn’t you know it, and I’m not making this up, when I went back to copy the comments, Mindy actually said what I was thinking in the very next post, so I’ll let her tell you…

"Then came the divorce. It was a bad divorce.

It left me bitter and antagonistic toward men,  it made me despise the entire gender…"


26 Responses

  1. Wow, I feel so lucky that I narrowly avoided getting in the middle of that and only got referenced tangentially thanks to Stephanie. With that in mind, I know better than to get involved in something that doesn’t involve me. Instead, I like to watch. Game On!

  2. Wow, some one’s got her big girl panties in a bunch! (no not you, her silly) I don’t go there much (mama drama) but it hardly seems to be worth your time and energy. Of course it’s your blog ;O) It’s no use getting hot and bothered over people like that, they are usually too simple to understand why you would be insulted or angry in the first place.

    Send her some Cat Butt Bubble Gum, only the REAL kind 😀

  3. Mark – that’s a philosophy that I would kill for! You are one lucky guy. I’d stick my nose in and get it bitten off.

  4. It’s amazing what gets peoples.. panties in a bunch (inspirational credit to Mary for the phrase).

    I laughed so hard at the “Habeas Corpus motel” reference.. you are a fricken riot. I guess Texan’s aren’t open to your astute-y-tootness. She could be threatened by your award winning comments.. god knows I am.

    Just so you know.. I probably wouldn’t talk to you if you actually acted your age. So don’t change. (You’re a man.. that statement was pretty unnecessary, wasn’t it?)

  5. OMG. I’m sorry but Swampwitch’s comment on Mindy’s post rules over all:

    “If Corpus Christi got DubYaT (That’s my word for Willowtree) all in a tail spin, glad you weren’t going to Waxahachie…no telling what would happen with that one.”

    Swampy, I heart you.

  6. Dude. Willowtree has big girl panties? Is he going to be wearing them in the pirate hat pictures? Because THAT would rock.

  7. Dang Willowtree, I wear big girl panties, too. I wish I didn’t.

    (I’m a practicing Christian, but that doesn’t make me good. Hope that clears that up.)

    Was that blogger commenter being sarcastic, ironic, or ryhming with itchy?

  8. Oh! I just reread your post and my brain finally shifted out of neutral.
    I’d like to see your site meter and see if the it red-lined from everyone coming over here to check out the man.

  9. Ok, looks like we’re all agreed, a pirate hat and big girl panties it is then.

    And Pamela, I don’t imagine any change to my traffic, I didn’t make a scene over at Mama Drama, I doubt anyone will be curious.

  10. Oh and Pamela, that blogger commenter was actually the blogger, she just spends more time commenting than posting.

    Mama Drama is a multi contributer blog, although some obviously make a greater contribution than others.

  11. Stick to Jenny’s stuff ONLY…why waste your time with mediocrity when there are so many GOOD…GREAT…blogs out there and not nearly enough time to hit ’em all? For the past two days I’ve pulled up 30 or so of my favorites to read “when I could sit to do so”, and somehow, by the end of the day, I’m closing 27 tabs without reading or commenting :/.

    For the record, I’m not a good Christian, I’m a Jesus Freak, and I’d like to think a VERY decent person. Thanks for the rant warning alert…although I think it was unwarranted (sweet, but unwarranted).

  12. OY!! What’d I stumble into here?! I really hope I don’t get any credit for,um, stirring that pot, so to speak.

    Okay, Mark, I had no idea of the melee to come after my comment. Glad you dodged a bullet and weren’t offended at my poking at you.

    Okay, Marnie, for the record, and I guess you forgot, I always appreciate WT’s “astute-y-tootness” (now THAT is one cool word!), and I am 100% genuine Texan. Remember, I’m Jenny’s neighbor over here in Howdyland. In fact, I’ve gotten so I sign many of my comments at other blogs (maybe even yours, I think) “Stephanie from Jenny’s blog.” That’s how most folks know me.

    And WT, I am SOOO looking forward to the pirate hat and big girl panties pics. WOO-HOO!!!

    BTW, I wouldn’t waste anymore time on this whole issue du jour. Your regular readers and commenters appear to be mostly women, and we *heart* you!!

    Feelin’ the love, Man?!!

  13. WT – I adore you. But you are a nut.

    Mindy is an acquired taste. Like wine…or peanuckle. When I first started writing with her she insulted me on a regular basis and threatened to kick my ass in a pudding wrestling match. Every so often I’d have to email her to be sure that in fact she wasn’t actually serious. She wasn’t…but it was sometimes hard to tell. It reminded me of someone else I once read in Melissa’s comment section. This commenter said something I thought was particularly cutting and I thought…who the hell does this bitch think she is?

    And she was you.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’m pretty sure Mindy was just yanking your chain and was trying to tell you that in fact she does read your blog even though she was teasing you about not reading it. But I could be wrong. She’s a bit unpredictable and doesn’t hold back.

    Ahem…Pot, meet kettle.

    But on another note, I totally want to see the pirate hat/big girl panties picture. And I need it in wallets because I plan on sending it out with my Christmas letter.

  14. Oh and Marnie? First you give my address out to a known terrorist and now you insult Texans? What happened to our truce? We decided to hate Australians now…remember?

  15. “If you consider yourself a good Christian, or even a decent human being, you might like to skip this and go on to your next blog.”

    I think I just passed the “Willow Test.”

  16. Oh, be nice. She sounds harsh, but it sounds like she had a bad experience. (Italian Job, anyone?)

  17. My brain is reeling and I’m trying to get all my thoughts together so I don’t forget any of them and have to come back with my usual P.S. posts. Oh, I forgot, I never have my thoughts together. I went to Mama Drama yesterday looking for Jenny. Her posts have always been at the top, and I’ve never read any other’s posts. Yesterday, she wasn’t at the top, so I read others’ posts for the first time and then the comments. (Was that redundant?)I commented. See Marnie’s comment above. She quoted it verbatim. In all my astuteness, I didn’t pick up on things being thrown there. I must go back to read again.
    DubYaT, thanks for the instructions on the HTML. I’m going back to see if I can figure it out. If I shut down my blog in doing so, I’ll have to call you for more instructions.
    “Panties in a Bunch” is a new one for me. In Oklahoma, we said, “Panties in a Wad.”
    What the heck is Cat Butt Bubble Gum? I think I need to buy some for a few people on my gift list. Someone lead me to the link on this one.
    “Astute-y-tootness?” I just love adding new words to my vocabulary. Hope I can remember how to spell it. And…”Jennay, Jennay, Jennay”… you rule ! I navigate to Mama Drama several times a day hoping you’ve posted something. Anything. And now to learn you are a diplomat too. DubYaT, you have just got to post something with big girl panties, a pirate hat, and possibly do something with Marnie’s bubble wrap. It has something to do with Double D’s and a fur-lined bra. She was thinking about throwing it away, but maybe she could ship it to you. OK, sorry this comment turned out to be longer than some of my posts. Sorry !

  18. Your comments may still be lower than some, but look at the size of them.
    Big Girl Panty Comments!!!


    I wanted to bring to your attention that nobody said

    “nice post”
    “thanks for sharing”


  19. “nice post”
    “thank for sharing”

  20. You are so obsessed with me.

  21. I also wrote your address on a bathroom wall… so if anyone comes looking for a good time… know that I sent them!

    I’m sorry for insulting Texas.. we Canadians are still bitter since the Texas/Australia/Canada world war. I’m going to temporarily forgive Texas because of the “pot, meet kettle” comment. You rule.

  22. Where exactly did you say that bathroom was?

  23. Great.

    Between you and Tommy Tutone now I’ll never get any sleep.

  24. Since Jenny vouched for Min, I won’t pull a “kick-ass” maneuver on your behalf, WT!!!

  25. Don’t worry about min. I understand she drinks heavily and does serious drugs. I agree, her writing stinks,but I understand she has a wicked knife collection.

  26. Oh my, I had no idea that my comment would spawn so many pantie references! Am I partially to blame for the pirate pantie abomination? I am surprised that you haven’t banned me. *cheeky grin* Now I feel bad for suggesting a bikini wax.

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