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It’s all settled.

Mindy has just contacted to me to explain that it was all a misunderstanding, and I accept that it was. Phew, just as well I didn’t overreact and be a real a prick about it the whole thing by saying something nasty. Now that could have been embarrassing.


In truth though, I think I just won her over with my spiffy outfit.


19 Responses

  1. Did I get here before Pamela? wtf?

    I’m glad you’ve kissed and made up, facilitated no doubt by your scantily clad pirate-ness.

    That picture should be your profile photo, btw. Absolutely.

  2. Melissa was in like Flynn.

    (Oh we don’t want to start that again— I never got to say anything about Flynn. But I’m going to give it now. I’ve been to the park in Chico California where they filmed Robin Hood starring none other than Errol Flynn. ME2: Are we impressed)

    Your spiffy outfit made me want to forgive you, too.

  3. and peace was restored to the land…along with a damn cute picture (no, not the pirate…the DOG!)

  4. Pamela – I think you’ll find the expression is “In like James Coburn“.

  5. Smarmy, smug, s.o.p…..


  6. BTW, I don’t stalk bloggers, I kidnap their dogs.

  7. Thank goodness. Now all you have to do is apologize to all the Arabian people reading your blog.

    “Pull like you’re pulling an Arab off your sister!”

    WT, you kill me. But now always in a good way.

  8. Sigh.

    I meant “But NOT always in a good way.”

    A proofreading…you are a stranger to me.

  9. I love that you used the word, “spiffy.”

    And that is one of the cutest fuzzy baby pictures I have ever seen!

    Jenny, I like the “now always in a good way” better. It sounds like from now on you’re giving WT carte blanche to be…WT.

  10. Whew! For a minute I thought you had kidnapped my sweet BubbaBoxer…
    “In like who?”…Is it “In like Flint”…James Coburn -or-“In Like Flynn…Errol Flynn? What DOES that mean?
    I love it when other people roofpread their comments after they’re posted, then correct them. I thought I was the only one who did that. Now, when did you say you were going to Corpus Christi?

  11. Swampwitch – I’m about to make you very happy because I just noticed that the comment I left correcting a typo? Has a typo in it.

    It should read “Ah proofreading…you are a stranger to me.”

    Or perhaps WT is tweaking them after I leave in order to drive me mad?

    Ah WT, just the thought of his strong, masculine Aussie body makes me moist in places I shouldn’t be. I must cease these carnal thoughts, lest I can no longer fight the urge to abandon all that is mine and journey to that far off land to be with the one I truly love.

    (man am I clever, having accused him of editing my comments, should I ever slip up and express my true feelings again, the foundations of my defense have been laid bwahahaha)

  12. Thank you Jenny, you saved me the trouble of pointing out the typo. Plus you have given me an idea….

  13. What the crap? Did I have another beergarita blackout…or was it my evil doppleganger again?

  14. My guess would be a beergarita blackout.

  15. ajkafdncvuerkvnkl;da;khg
    ewpygfh;apouerhk;lagb iuo
    ae argy 9pi
    gh g 43pyio89-43h;gvhas

  16. That last comment seems a bit odd. Pamela, are you getting Swampy to help you now?

  17. I don’t know which I enjoy more reading the post or the comments… this is one of the only blogs i spend more time reading comments then the post…and end up laughing just as hard:P

  18. I had a moment.
    It’s over.

  19. Thank you wolfbaby, its nice to know the comments are better than the posts, it makes the effort I put into writing the posts all worthwhile. 😉

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