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Time to lighten things up.

There seems to have been a few caustic posts recently, so it might be a nice change of pace to just do some pet pictures. The added benefit is, if you are falling behind on your blog reading, this won’t hold you up. So I hope you enjoy these photos of my faithful and much pampered pooches….


Please don’t listen to him, we are being held here against our wills. Even now, as he is taking this picture he has a big stick in his hand, threatening to hit me if I move. Seriously, do I look comfortable, this basket is obviously made for a smaller dog (maybe even a cat).


Listen to the Beagle, he’s way too stupid to lie. Sure I may not be suffering any physical pain right now (the basket fits me ok), but the humiliation of having to show my genitals will probably scar me for life. I heard the guy in the pirate hat telling a mate of his that he was planning to start up a doggie porn site. (that should get some hits).


He’s gone to make a coffee, so there’s not much time, but this is the true picture, Oliver Twist ain’t got nothing on us and the misery we have to endure. Forced to sleep in this tiny little basket while he has a huge queen sized bed. But worse still, he has all these other doggie baskets and pet beds around the house that he won’t let us use except when guests are here, so that they think he is a kind hearted person when he’s really a dog hating, pantie wearing pirate. Please, someone call the Humane Society.