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Time to lighten things up.

There seems to have been a few caustic posts recently, so it might be a nice change of pace to just do some pet pictures. The added benefit is, if you are falling behind on your blog reading, this won’t hold you up. So I hope you enjoy these photos of my faithful and much pampered pooches….


Please don’t listen to him, we are being held here against our wills. Even now, as he is taking this picture he has a big stick in his hand, threatening to hit me if I move. Seriously, do I look comfortable, this basket is obviously made for a smaller dog (maybe even a cat).


Listen to the Beagle, he’s way too stupid to lie. Sure I may not be suffering any physical pain right now (the basket fits me ok), but the humiliation of having to show my genitals will probably scar me for life. I heard the guy in the pirate hat telling a mate of his that he was planning to start up a doggie porn site. (that should get some hits).


He’s gone to make a coffee, so there’s not much time, but this is the true picture, Oliver Twist ain’t got nothing on us and the misery we have to endure. Forced to sleep in this tiny little basket while he has a huge queen sized bed. But worse still, he has all these other doggie baskets and pet beds around the house that he won’t let us use except when guests are here, so that they think he is a kind hearted person when he’s really a dog hating, pantie wearing pirate. Please, someone call the Humane Society.

36 Responses

  1. Awww… That last picture has me all melty.

    (WT – Don’t change this to “dog genitals make me moist”. I know how your warp mind works.)

  2. What’s your trick? How did you get these little beasts to lie in exactly the same position? Except Bentley has MUCH better sense and spared us the sight of his “boys”…. Every time Aussie (or the mini beast) is lookin’ stinkin’ adorable, she MOVES when she sees me pulling out the camera. HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO STAY STILL and mug for the camera?? Must be your super pirate powers or something….

    Dogs in a basket are way cuter than pigs in a blanket.


  3. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, when will you learn not to challenge me….Err, I meant “what are you talking about?”

  4. WTF?!!?

    Jenny, WT, I guess I’m bringing the Haldol here from Jenny’s blog. ‘Cause there some seriously disturbing…even I’M a little…well, some things are just…WRONG!!

    And right now I’m not sure if I’m giving the Haldol to the two of YOU or to myself!

    Oh, and kisses to the fuzzy babies from me, please! Those poor, abused, neglected, fuzzy babies!!

  5. Haldol? Did somebody say Haldol?

  6. My first thought was… “That pug is proud”

    Then everyone else mentioned it in their own way as well.

    don’t worry Bently, I’m calling the SPCA

  7. I tried so hard not to read all the other comments above me today…but I couldn’t. I will, however, refrain from making any comments of my own to fellow bloggers. SO, I love the posts with your dogs. What a welcome relief to see them instead of some
    whack-o pirate in big granny panties, knee socks, and globs of cellulite.

  8. I just can’t come up with something witty and amusing. I seem to enter a fog of stupidity when I visit OUAB.
    I guess witty and amusing comments is what all your other girlfriends…er commenters are for.
    I yield to the more talented.


  9. Pam, don’t you mean “harem”?

  10. You are hilarious. (That’s my stamp of approval – I know your sole intention of every post you post if for that stamp.)
    By the way, have you seen Duma? Great movie. Wailed in the beginning and the end almost as much as Two Brothers.
    I just can’t take animal movies.

  11. Aww! yes, they look positively miserable..hehe…

  12. Cute, cuddly puppies!!

    They look well-fed, too.

  13. Augh, I’ll save you puppies. Come join me and the girlfriend in our nice warm bed!

  14. I can’t even speak.

  15. “but the humiliation of having to show my genitals will probably scar me for life”

    Good line.

  16. Jenny – what a cheesey comment, I guess that makes it a ‘cheesey melty’.

    Robin – there’s no trick, just a big stick. Shut up Buddy! Robin, it’s just a lot of patience on my part.

    Stephanie – I honestly had no idea what you meant, I thought you were talking about getting a friend for Barbie.

    Min – you were my first clue that were weren’t talking action figures. So I looked it up.

    Pamela – that pug isn’t proud, he’ just a wise-ass. You needn’t bother calling the SPCA, he’s done this kind of thing before.

  17. Swampy – I’ve got bad news for you, I’m thinking of dressing them up in pirate hats and panties (and it won’t be photoshopped).

    Pam – someone has to be cannon fodder for the rampant sarcasm in this blog, thanks for volunteering.

    Robin – my understanding of a harem is a bunch of nubile wenches whose only desire is to please their master with unfettered admiration, so NO, she obviously doesn’t mean harem!

    Thank you Heather, that means a lot. I think you should stick to book reviews, “Have you seen Duma? it made me feel awful” is not exactly a ringing endorsement. No I haven’t seen it, I’m not fond of animal movies either, ever since I saw what the Japs put Milo and Otis through in the name of entertainment.

    Claudia – they are not miserable, listen to Tiffany.

    James – he was just making that up about the doggie porn, but thanks for the offer.

    Melissa – well, it was definitely worth the effort then.

    CCW – he’ll get over it.

  18. No, no, WT!!

    That’s KEN-DOLL, not HALDOL!!

    Totally different.

    One gives out roofies. The other, well, sorta IS a roofie!

  19. Willowtree. How old are you? hahahahaaa

  20. Stephanie – so you’re saying that the Hal doll works with shingles?

    Melissa – lucky you said hahahahaaa.

  21. Silly WT. NO!! The Haldol works with MAGIC!

    Just click your heels three times and say, “There’s no trip like this trip!! There’s no trip like this trip!!” And you’ll be out of OZ swiftly propelled by the Haldol!!

    See! MAGIC!!

  22. I’m not going to listen to them complain. I know for a fact they’ve got a beanbag chair to lay in.

  23. Oh my god. Is the Australian melty-skinned panty man threatening me? With the “lucky”? Don’t make me get Jenny. We’re a force to be reckoned with when we get angry.

  24. It’s no use expecting Jenny to help, she’s busy getting ready for a wedding, and from what I hear there will be uniforms and rectal thermometers involved.

  25. Boy, you guys sure have it rough (pun intended).

  26. OMG…I want to see them dressed up in the pirate hats and undies…do it Willow!!

  27. Yeah well I have a lot of free time since nobody leaves me comments anymore.

    Lots less to read since I lowered my standards and don’t post as much.

    Besides, Jenny’s down, nurse costume or no.

  28. “…nubile wenches whose only desire is to please their master with unfettered admiration…”

    Pronunciation: ‘nü-“bI(-&)l, ‘nyü-, -b&l
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: French, from Latin nubilis, from nubere to marry — more at NUPTIAL
    1 : of marriageable condition or age


    Pronunciation: ‘wench
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English wenche, short for wenchel child, from Old English wencel; akin to Old High German wankOn to totter, waver and probably to Old High German winchan to stagger — more at WINK
    1 a : a young woman
    (young is relative…and I think we all qualify since somebody has got to be older than “we” are)


    Pronunciation: -‘fe-t&r
    Function: transitive verb

    CHECK for the hat trick (I think we’re all liberated and emancipated…)

    The admiration d r i p s off your comments…then again, sometimes I think it’s so deep in these parts I should be wearing waders;).

    I stand by “harem”…(I’m substituting several things for the word “master”…)

    James is in the harem, too (that’s a compliment). At first I thought he was saying YOU could join him and his fiance in bed (YIKES!)…glad I re-read it.

    I think Vicki is hilarious with her nom du jour…lol (Christian Crotch Watcher???)

  29. Great day, Robin! I think that comment is almost as long as the one WT left for me the other day! Impressive.

    P.S. You were right about the WV and blogger today, WT – I haven’t been able to leave comments all afternoon.

  30. Robin, nice bit of research. Lucky I was pretty close with the meanings. btw, in this context, unfettered refers to the admiration not the wenches.

    James, did you just see Robin call you a eunuch?

    You can look it up if you like Robin, but a eunuch is the only male allowed in a harem apart from the master.

    Susan – yeah it’s been a real bitch, but it only seemed to be your blog. I think it was your particular server and has nothing to do with you.

  31. LOL, love it! Do they seriously often snuggle together in that one little bed like that?

    Then again, if there was plenty of room for them both, they’d probably lose interest in it. Are they trying to force each other out?

  32. WT – notice that photos of dog genitalia bring even more comments than insults. The photo of you in your panites and pirate hat yielded even more. You’re on to something here. Next step: dog genitalia + pirate in panties photo + insults = more comments than Jenny. (I’ve noticed that free drugs – namely Haldol – and fights really spike the comment count too)

  33. Mark, I’ve noticed that too, and I think your formula is a valid one.

    Kila – the next post answers you questions.

  34. WT – Have you ever seen a harem rebellion? It isn’t pretty. Not only do we have far too much time on hands to plan our “masters” downfall in sinisterly creative ways but we’re great friends with all the eunichs, who are truly the best teachers of the art of *ahem* castration. You know…just like a Hal Doll.

    (Melissa, I’m late…but I’ve got your back.)

    Stephanie – More haldol, please.

  35. Good grief those pups have it rough. HA! Don’t they steal the bean bag? And they get lots of milk (when spilled). They are just famous and you know how some famous pups are – a bunch of whiners. 🙂 You wouldn’t see a cat doing that.

    HA! Sorry I haven’t been around much. I just wanted to take a small break from studying to see what you have been up to. Looks like you are racking up the comments. Nice!

  36. My day just isn’t complete with out seeing a bit of dog wiener.

    OK. I am kidding!

    Usually its cat wiener. Watching my tubby tiger Beowulf try to reach his naughty bits can be quite entertaining at times.

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