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No reason.

I just like this picture that I took this morning.


No one blogs on Sundays.

Some time ago a blogging friend of mine, who on account of abusing me for always dragging her into things, cannot be named (let’s just call her Voldemort), made the statement that no-one blogs on Sundays. For this rash act, she was viciously berated by the two people who actually do blog on Sundays. Hey Melissa, does any of this sound familiar? (oh shit!)

Well I have to say that I agree with her, note I said "…I have to say…", not "…I’m pleased to say…" (don’t read anything into that other than the fact that I don’t believe ellipses get used anywhere near enough these days).

In the past I have sweated blood trying to come up with something worthwhile for my legion of loyal fans to read on Sunday (holy crap! who would have thought that the phrase "I have sweated blood" would be the most believable thing in that sentence). Yet after hours, maybe even minutes of wracking my brain for quality prose, I’m regularly devastated to find my comment count in negative figures on Monday (your Sunday). No, you read that right, don’t bother re-reading it, it won’t make any more sense the second time you read it (and I’m not just talking about the dateline).

So instead of writing anything, there will just be a picture and a few questions. (fuck I wish I had said that three paragraphs ago, I just wasted some really good stuff that I could have used during the week)…


Ok, it’s a multi part question with no prizes (except the admiration of your peers).

a)  Who are these women?…
A)  Ok, Claudia cheated so the answer is, they are Museum Ladies.
b)  What are they doing?
B) They are starting their shift.
c)  Where are they doing it?
C) That’s the question isn’t it?
d)  How do you suppose they chew their food?

Points will be awarded for neatness.

Update** Here’s another couple of pictures. Who knows, someone may have been there and recognise it…



Update*** One more photo for a clue. If you don’t get it now you’re not paying attention. But don’t worry I won’t keep you in suspense if you can’t figure it out, I’ll post more pics and the final answer tomorrow when I get up (that’s between noon and 3:00pm depending on which coast you’re on). Feel free to post your answer in the meantime.