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Cooperstown NY.

Well, I guess everybody got it, it was the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown. My best friend ET works there and he sent me the pictures. I’ve been there but his pictures were better so I used them instead.

Jenny wants to know why I’m writing about it…truth is I’m not actually writing about it, I just didn’t want to write something no-one would read on a Sunday anyway, plus I got a kick out of the pioneer ladies.

Here are some more pictures of Cooperstown, if you haven’t been there you really should think about going. I love it there.

The entrance to the Museum.

The legendary Doubleday Field.

One of a number of bat manufacturers in Cooperstown and surrounding areas.


Yeah, I know this is a really crappy photo, but I was rushing. I wanted to include this is for a tie-in to to Oz. I just took it and had to use a flash as it’s very overcast right now (I hope we get some rain). This is in my bedroom and is a bat from the Cooperstown Bat Co, a San Jose Giants hat and a picture of a San Francisco Giants hat that I took and framed.

Anyway, that’s it for now, I’m about to leave for the Coast for a few days as MDW is arriving back from LA on Thursday. I’ll catch up from there.

Updated for Claudia**…..

I think they’re all in here.


And for Stephanie…



16 Responses

  1. WT, I don’t care what anyone says about you; I totally *heart* you ’cause you love baseball!!!

    On my desk here at work is a photo of my precious little baby girl dressed in a pink little baby girl Houston Astros uniform with a glove and a baseball that’s almost as big as she is!! And someday, as God and the blogosphere are my witnesses, I WILL take her to Cooperstown!!

  2. where are the Mohicans?

  3. Stephanie – I not only played baseball for many years, I’m also a qualified, certified and homogenized Coach and have coached both senior and junior regional squads. I was also the President of the Central Coast Baseball Association, which had over three thousand members (obviously not all were players).

    Claudia – most of the Mohawks are in bars in LA. But just for you I’ll add another picture.

  4. I guess that’s the last of them, heh? 🙂

  5. Have a fantabulous getaway with YDW :).

    And what the heck is an “homogenized Coach”??? Is it the opposite of a heterogized one?

  6. Oh my god! You’re homogenized! I knew there was a reason I liked you…

  7. Oh shoot! I missed the update.

  8. Have a nice reunion. Drive carefully.

    I recall you telling us about this coaching/President position some time past.

  9. Pamela, I seem to recall it as well, I think it was in a meme.

  10. Good post, WT! And tell Melissa to stop badmouthing us. Blogging is the one thing permitted on the Sabbath, according to my Bible.

  11. Love the bedroom wall color.

    Have safe travels.

  12. Looks like a cute little quaint town. If I ever head that way. I’m a little bummed those women weren’t headed to a quilting bee, but I guess a farmer’s market is better.

  13. “Homogenized”? Really? And your wife’s okay with that?

  14. Neat. Strangely I feel a certain kinship with this town of Cooper… 😛

  15. James – I’m confused, why would you feel a kinship to a town named after James Cooper?

  16. Thanks for the updated picture!!!!

    I *heart* baseball!!!!

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