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This may be fun (or not)

I don’t know if anyone has noticed Wolfbaby commenting, but she does occasionally so that makes her one of the gang. Anyway, she has this thing about to start up at her site and will then go wherever the links take it. Confused? Me too, but that didn’t stop me signing up (what??).

If you’re curious go and check it out, maybe you could sign up too. I’ll be leaving this up for a while.

The Great Soap Opera Blog Challenge.

PS. You should go just to check out her site, it’s really pretty.


6 Responses

  1. awww shuckie darns… I think it’s pretty to.. but of course had absolutly nothing to do with it;) my friend who does web site design took pity on me LOL.

    BTW what do you mean or not? course it will be fun… can’t wait to see what you write *wink*

  2. WB – don’t mind me, it’s just performance anxiety.

  3. LOL no way…:P

  4. Love the site! I’ll have to add it to my list.

    Alas, I am but too much of a Neophyte to totally understand it and/or participate.

  5. I signed up and I don’t understand it either.

    I’m wondering if I’m going senile.
    about what?
    where am I

  6. Pamela – now you know how I feel, all the time…

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