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Democracy in action

To prove that the blogosphere is a democratic place, OUAB will be holding an election in a few days. Say again? Yes sir that’s right, we can all be a part of blogocracy. You see, a while ago Ree (otherwise known as Pioneerwoman) suggested that I should have more of an Aussie flavour to my blog name, and I must say that I agree with her.

Ree gave me a few suggestions which I have added to a few of my own (sorry Ree, I decided against including Dumb, Stupid, Aussie Fuckwit). So what we will do is have the primaries over the next few days, with the three most popular to stand in the Blog Name election over the weekend.

The rules are simple:

  1. You can vote as many times as you like but you can only vote once per comment (oh wow, you caught me trying to bump the comment count, it’s my blog and I’ll try if I want).
  2. If you come up with something clever yourself, you can nominate it (it’s up to me to decide if it gets in, man I just love absolute power, bwaahahaha).
  3. Voting is open to all (that means lurkers are welcome).

So here are the entries:

  • A Dingo’s got my Barbie.
  • Goanna Getstuffed.
  • Outback and Outta Control.
  • Blogerang.
  • Over the top Downunder.
  • Bedtime Wallaby.
  • Once a Jolly Swagman.
  • Goanna Getmeabeer.
  • Outback and Outrageous.
  • The Brolga Blogger.
  • The Blogging
  • Tales From the Outback.
  • Diary of an Australian Madman.
  • Upfront, Outback
    and Downunder.

Good luck, thank you for you input and may the best name win.


50 Responses

  1. So we *can’t* vote for Dumb, Stupid Aussie Fuckwit?

  2. So “OUAB” isn’t on the table anymore?

    Name IS important (sometimes I wonder if I chose poorly, at least as far as creating interest is concerned). There are several on your list that I would pass over faster than white sticks to rice.

    It’s early…I NEED more coffee…after I become human, I’ll give you my two cents. I’m sure you’re waiting on pins and needles :/.

  3. As as soon as I posted, two more thoughts came to mind.

    1) Name isn’t everything. 2) You can’t judge a book by its cover or a blog by its name. 3) A name might get ’em there, content keeps ’em.

    Three things. Sue me. Off to pour caffeine directly into my veins…..

  4. You can thank me later for falsely elevating your comment count this early in the morning.

  5. Ha! On the third comment, wv kicked in! I must’ve looked spammy :). Wonder what it’ll do with four in less than two minutes.

  6. It gave me a lot of Z’s and 4’s. Must’ve been able to tell it better not give me keys all over the freakin’ keyboard b/c I am NOT a woman to be messed with right now.

    Five comments. Send me one of your jars of quarters. Did I just beat Swampy at her own game?

  7. What was this post about anyway…I’ve long forgotten? If I had time, I would fill up your own “recent comments” section on your sidebar.

    I think I’m beginning to sound like Pamela and Me2 with all the self talk. (That wasn’t an insult, Pamela, it was a compliment).

    You’re saved by the school bell ;).

  8. 1st time reader & if it counts at all, A Dingo’s Got My Barbie is great! 2nd choice would be Bloggerang…

    Enjoyed your blog. Have a great day – uhmm, evening or whatever it is now where you are! 😉

  9. A Dingo’s Got My Barbie. I simply love saying it. Plus if I was cruising blogs I would stop due to that name.

  10. Dingo’s Got My Barbie without a doubt

  11. Or Tales From the Outback

  12. Or Bloomin’ Onion
    Sorry. Apparently the word “Outback” makes me hungry.

  13. Oh, and thanks for suggesting that Ree share her family history with all of her adoring fans. Do you have any such tales? I’ll have to bookmark your blog so I can come back and check:o)

  14. Coming over from Ree’s Ranch, sounds like a salad dressing.

    I like the title you have now, but I’d like to nominate… drum roll please.

    “Downunder, and I’m OK”

  15. Thought of another one.

    “It’s Willow-BARK for a headache”

    Lame I know. 🙂

  16. I like Diary of an Australian Madman.

    Marlboro Man likes Diary of an Australian Fuckwit.

  17. I like Diary of an Aussie Madman. Australian is too long.

  18. I like Goanna Getmeabeer.

    Cause I need one.

    Right now.

    And a cup of coffee.

    Yeah, I’m totally whacked. I know.

  19. How about “A Blog for All of My Sheila’s?”

  20. I woke up late so I won’t be voting this morning. Have a Christmas dinner tonight… so I’ll be seeing you back here about mighnight my time.

    I wish you would let me comment anonymously as I have some horrid horrid horrid suggestions.

    we’ve all come to grow fond of Once Upon A Blog and

    Robin wins the maniac award this morning, !!

  21. I like “Diary of an Australian Madman.” I have to say, though, that I really like ALL of them.

    A very, very, close second is “Upfront, Outback and Downunder.”

    I may change my mind.

  22. I like Outback and Outta Control and Tales from the Outback.
    Who says I have to follow the rules?

  23. I’ve grown accustomed now to “A Dingo’s got my Barbie”

  24. I just noticed that “Diary of an Australian Madman” could be abbreviated to “DAAM” or “DAM”…thought you might like that;).

  25. I favor “A Dingo’s Got My Barbie.”

    Ties in well with your little Dingo housemates!

  26. Well, I was partial to OUAB.

  27. But, I guess if you feel you need a change….

  28. then I would like to make a couple of votes!!

  29. Tales from the Outback

    is good, but kind of on the boring side.

  30. Diary of a Mad Australian

    is good too – but, still kind of boring.

  31. The blogging bloke – I get it (a nock-off from our blogging chicks. ha)

  32. Personally, if I have to choose –


  33. Beth’s suggestion:

    A Blog for all my Sheila’s

  34. Have I beat Robin, yet?

  35. I vote for:

    “A Dumb Stupid Aussie Fuckwit Blog for all my Shelias.”

  36. I think Ramblings of an Australian Madman might be good…

  37. ah, you’re going to do whatever you want anyways, no?

  38. or Outback Ramblings (can you tell I like the word ramblings?)

  39. Karmyn, Don’t challenge me to a duel…I like you too much.

  40. Are you familiar with the Outback Steakhouse chain restaurant? I thought of another name thinking about them:

    No Rules. Just Right.

    Sounds about like you.

  41. Tad wanted to know who “Pete” was…so I’m linking…Really, truly, that’s the only reason I popped back in this afternoon (I mentioned something about “cleaning like a tornado” in a post today)(if you saw me, you might say I was cleaning like a Tazmanian Devil instead)(But I sure do look like a dark cloud spinning right about now).

  42. But when you wake up and sign on and see that you’re over 40 comments, I can hear you laughing from a squillion miles away.

  43. I think more people are casting their votes than they did in this year’s elections :/.

  44. Vegamite MeanderingsVegamite Salad

    Holding My Own Dingo

    Roos Roost

    This last one is an urban legend here in the States, that Aussies and other places down under have different flowage patterns in their indoor plumbingm that is, if you have indoor plumbing in the outback:-)

    My Toilet Flushes Counterclockwise

  45. Okay, I’m not going for any record like Robin, Karmyn, and Jenni, but I will add to the comment cacophony.

    Here’s my Ode To WT from the collection of Testicle Carols:

    “Let there be test-i-cles
    Be-neath my big girl panties!
    Let there be test-i-cles
    And let there be big ones, please!!”

    And so, while we’re adding suggestions:

    Thar’s Testicles in These Panties. Aaaarrrr!

    Not Aussie-inspired, but nevertheless WT-inspired.

  46. You are a cold, cruel, cantankerous codger, who for some reason, thinks he’s a comedian.

    I am now giving you the silent treatment. The cold shoulder. And anything else that sounds close. I am relatively sure there will be those who think “FINALLY”!


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