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Voting Round 2

Well that went very well, I got the most comments ever and a lesson on why not all countries should have democracy. We Aussies know how to vote (it’s compulsory) so I just assumed that when I said "vote as many times as you like" that you would understand that I meant for the name you want.

Instead I got some people leaving comments in well into the double figures but not actually voting for any name (Robin) and others who voted almost as many times but with a different name each vote (Karmyn and Jenni). Then there were the just plain insulting voters (Jenny and Melissa). Oh and let’s not forget Pamela, who spent over sixty words telling me she didn’t have the time to vote (yet somehow managed to get OUAB in), hmmm let me see…the longest choice was five words. So all in all it was a good lesson in the concept that not all people are created equal.

Seems the only people who didn’t try to make things even more chaotic were Marnie and Julie, and that’s only because they haven’t been here for a few days and didn’t vote. But Stephanie more than made up for it by including a jingle about testicles from another blog (yeah I know, Jingle balls). 

So after counting tons of ballots and completing the culling process, I find myself in the situation of having more nominees than I started with. However Claudia, in her usual totally non-cynical manner, suggested that I would do what I wanted regardless, which before this little episode I had no intention of doing. So taking a queue from her and putting aside this little speed bump on the way to new nomenclature let’s continue.

For round two the nominations (after being arbitrarily culled my me) are:

  • Once Upon A Blog
  • A Dingo’s Got My Barbie
  • Tales From the Outback
  • Diary of an Australian Madman
  • Upfront, Outback and Downunder

If anyone wants any of the others for themselves you are welcome to them.

nb. I didn’t include anything with Vegemite as that is proprietary, and if I did it would have been "Vegemite but Willow won’t". I also left out anything with rambling (and no Claudia, it’s not to punish you for accusing me of being a tyrant, or is that tyramble?), because the TypePad instructions specifically identified this as a word that should not be used.

PS. Susan! Susan! Susan! You were doing so well, you were one of the few who made a valuable contribution, unfortunately while I was typing this, you joined the rabble, or is that ramble?


9 Responses

  1. Diary of an Australian Madman.

    Alternately, if you insist on heading down the Dingo/Barbie track, wouldn’t the correct title be “The Dingo Ate My Barbie”?

    Because the line from the movie was “The Dingo Ate My Baby.”

    This is my one vote. And my one comment. For this post. G’day.

  2. and you’re going to let a machine dicate to you what word you should or should not use???? sigh… I thought it worked on a few levels….
    OUAB…the story of Willow…once upon..well, you know what it says!!

  3. Upfront, Outback and Downunder sounds like a list of gay sex positions. Why not just call it “I’m a bottom”?

    I like Diary of an Autralian Madman. Quite nice really. “Madman” is fitting in both senses of the word.

    Of course, Dingo Ate My Barbie is really my favorite because it’s like I’m in on a secret joke. But I think you’d need a graphic of a dingo mauling sorority slut barbie.

  4. Holy crap. Insulting? WTF. Come on, dude, you don’t get insulted unless someone asks you how old you are. And I didn’t do that today.

    Can I vote for “I’m a bottom?” Because really? I just laughed until tears ran down my face.

    No? I guess I’ll vote for the dingo and the barbie then. *sigh*

  5. So much for trying to take my time and choose wisely.

    I really did HAVE to go to work because I woke up late.
    AND, rather than be happy that I chose to read your blog rather than brush my teeth– you treat my comment with such blatant disregard.

    Well, I guess I’m going to decide now.

    Diarrhea of a an Australian Madman

  6. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I ‘m still fond of
    Once Upon A Blog.

  7. A Dingo’s Got My Barbie. I’m very decisive.

  8. A Dingo’s Got My Barbie

  9. A Dingo’s Got My Testicle

    What?! Jenny made me President of the Testicle Sorority!! I gotta represent!

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