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What? Someone questions me?

Ree, have you not learned from past experience that correcting me it is a futile endeavor? (and one that will have me reaching for the reference books).  Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten "the great Pithy debate of 2006"?

"Alternately, if you insist on heading down the Dingo/Barbie track, wouldn’t the correct title be "The Dingo Ate My Barbie"?
Because the line from the movie was ‘The Dingo Ate My Baby’."

Lets start with the movie A Cry in the Dark (1988, Sam Neil, Meryl Streep. Released in Oz as Evil Angels): the quote is actually "the dingo’s got my baby".

On the other hand, Dingoes Ate My Baby is the name of Oz’s (Willow’s boyfriend) band in Buffy.

But the actual quote is "My God, my God, the dingo’s got
my baby!"
If you want to read more I’ve included it below. If you want the whole story follow this link.

On August 17, 1980, at a
campsite near Australia’s famous Ayer’s Rock,
a mother’s cry came out of the dark: "My God, my God, the dingo’s got
my baby!"  Soon  the people of an entire continent would be
sides in a debate over whether the cry heard that night marked an
astonishing and rare human fatality caused by Australia’s wild dogs
or was, rather, in the words of the man who would eventually prosecute
her for murder, "a calculated, fanciful lie."  A jury of nine men
three women came to believe the latter story and convicted Lindy
Chamberlain for the murder of her ten-week-old daughter, Azaria.

You can find numerous references to either "Dingoes Ate My Baby" or "A
Dingo Ate My Baby", but they invariably turn out to be blogs whose
authors are not Australian, and therefore don’t know shit (in fact
several are quite candid in stating that the phrase was used solely as
an attention getter, too bad they didn’t look it up first). Do your own search
if you don’t believe me.

PS. Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were Seventh Day Adventists who lived at Cooranbong (small SDA town) which was a ten minute drive from where MDW and I lived in our first house.


20 Responses

  1. these days…she could have just claimed post-partum depression!

  2. Claudia, she was actually exonerated after is was proven that a dingo actually did take her baby. The prosecutor, the lead detective and the chief forensic scientist all ended up being either fired or demoted, for not providing accurate evidence.

  3. I’m sorry. But I’ve seen the movie and I’m certain somewhere, somehow, Meryl Streep says, “The dingo ate my baby.” I remember, because with the Aussie accent, it sounds like, “The dango ite my bybie.”

    Now. I will concede that the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine spouts to the woman looking for HER FIANCEE, “Maybe the DINGO ate your baby!” may, just may, have tainted my memory.

    But I don’t think so.

    I’m renting it tomorrow. Bastard.

  4. Does this mean “I’m a bottom” is back in for voting purposes? Or are we on another subject now. Hmm…

  5. Evil Angels? Why does that make no sense to me?

  6. I’ve never heard the story, obviously, but I can’t even imagine been accused of murdering your own baby when it did not happen and nobody believing you!! Crap!! I’m glad the truth came out for her.

  7. “My God, my God, the dingo’s got my baby?” So you got a quote from a website somewhere and automatically that becomes gospel? Says who?

    The line from the movie was, “God, no, please, God help me. The dingo’s got my baby!”

    But, let’s face it – the exact quote, no one knows, because no one remembers that fateful night verbatim.

  8. I came in to ask about the exoneration – small world it is.. a friend of mine who was an SDA minister was friends with extended family. (6 degrees of separation…)

    Glad you cleared that up.
    I wonder if the mother was ever normal after that. Have you heard?

    It’s SO very sad when people are mourning the loss of something so precious, and then get accused. Like ripping your heart out a 2nd time.

    ie: Ramsey case in the US. At least they didn’t get thrown in jail.

    Oh.. we all heard it “ate”
    Damn news people can’t get anything straight.

  9. briantw – “So you got a quote from a website somewhere and automatically that becomes gospel? Says who?”

    Had you put a fraction of the energy that you spent putting press clippings onto your site into following the link I provided, you would have found it was to the UMKC School of Law site and included were the Court Transcripts of the trial, which is where I got the the quote.

    In answer to your question “who says?”
    The numerous eye witnesses in sworn testimony, that’s who.

    You seem to have some sort of fascination with the case, given the number of press clippings on your site. Correction I just went back and looked at all the clippings in depth, and now realise you have an obsession with the movie (and related flotsam and jetsam) rather than the actual events themselves, perhaps you even had some involvement with the movie.

    I’m pleased that you know the quote from the movie, you should be very proud, but for me that’s merely an excerpt from a script and as such is irrelevant. Which is what the discussion was about – the quote from the move versus the quotes from the trial, something you would have known had you read some of it before commenting.

  10. Pamela – You would have more chance of knowing about Lindy Chamberlain than me, she moved to the States not long after divorcing Michael.

  11. But WT, the whole reason the phrase became a part of pop culture in the first place is because of the movie itself, not the case itself. At least here in America.

    So to me, it’s not important what Lindy Chamberlain actually said. What matters is what Meryl Streep said, because it’s her that pop culture is really quoting.

  12. I was just quoting Elaine from Seinfeld.

  13. Was that a first time comment for briantw? Me thinks he knows not with whom he messes.

    Which gives me another title to suggest…”The Last Word”…cause goodness knows, you’re gonna have it!


    Oh, yeah, Jenny, I didn’t know the story OR the movie…but I DO know Elaine :).

  14. Clearly you’re missing my point.

    I did follow your link to the site, and that site is old news to me. If you put a fraction of the energy you put into rebutting my comment into actually reading what I said, you’d have noted this: “So you got a quote from a website somewhere and automatically that becomes gospel?”

    Yes, yes, sworn testimony blah blah – you really believe that sworn testimony means that the witnesses’ memories automatically become perfect? Or that if you read it on a website it’s gospel? You can forget about anyone actually remembering word-for-word, what was said.

    And I never said any movie was gonna get it right either.

    My point is, it’s a dumb thing to debate – it’s a string of words, and, until someone comes up with a recording that was done on that evening, there’s no point arguing about exact words – history is not kind to quotation.

    There is, however, footage of Lindy Chamberlain describing the event a day or two later, and yes, she did claim to have said, “the dingo’s got my baby.” You can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCW01iezyWY

    If you’re interested, that is. In terms of discussion, this doesn’t seem to be the most intelligent place for that, what with missing half of what I said and repeating the other half as a rebuttal. You have fun, tho.

  15. Ooh, ooh, ‘Pioneer Woman!’ – the Seinfeld clip you’re referring to is here:

    and there’s similar dig from The Simpsons here:


  16. Oops, my bad, sorry for taking up more space, but the Seinfeld reference came from ‘Jenny,’ not ‘Pioneer Woman.’ Delete at will, it’s your space.

  17. Seriously, brian?

  18. Gee Brian what can I say to a person so obviously knowledgeable about the Lindy Chamberlain case as yourself ? Oh I know, you really are a moron. You have missed my point, so I’ll say it again, the Testimony happened to be on a website, and just because you are prejudiced against information on websites, it doesn’t necessarily make it wrong. You put information on your website and here you are telling me that you are you right.

    The testimony I refer to (actually the only testimony seeing that there was only one trial) was given approximately 18 months after the event, not the 25 years or so to the present time, so I’m reasonably confident that those people who were present had not yet forgotten what they heard, as you suggest.

    You were around seven years old at the time, I was somewhat older and clearly remember the drama unfolding live, including the Trial testimony and TV interviews with the witnesses, including the Chamberlains, which for some reason seems to have the same credence to you as a press clipping about the movie.

    Your point wasn’t that the quote was irrelevant, it was that I got it wrong, well fine if that’s what you believe, that’s your prerogative, but go and impress your little myspace friends because I’m not really interested in what you believe.

  19. I was going to comment about my dog, a blue heeler (and thereby part dingo). She’s never even looked hungrily at my baby. But then I realized that I was stepping into a big frickin’ fray…

    (Did it anyway, didn’t I?)

  20. Maderine – it’s ok, we were just having a laugh and someone who has never been here before took it seriously.

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