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Fart alert.

Hey guys, listen up! As you may be aware, we haven’t seen any fart stories around for a while, the good news is Mert has just posted one for your reading pleasure. Go and checkout Mile High Flub.


Well, that’s that.

I tried to be egalitarian and look where it got me. Next time I’m getting more ammo, I got pounded with more insults than I was able to fire back (I think that may be a first) so I’m closing the polls early. Hell we all know what I want so why go through with the charade?

In truth it it came down to three genuine ranked alternatives:

  1. A Dingo’s got my Barbie.
  2. Once Upon A Blog.
  3. Diary of an Outback Madman.

My preference is for either the first or second choices. The third choice is Ree’s way of getting revenge on me for some reason…She gets to be the Pioneer Woman and I get to be the Outback Madman, I don’t think so.

The trouble with the first one is the ambiguity:

does this…

have this….

or this…

Then there’s the whole is it "A dingo’s got my Barbie" or  "A Dingo ate my Barbie" issue. There’s some guy in South Africa, who for some reason has taken it upon himself to right any wrongs concerning the quoting of Meryl Streep, possibly because she had to put on a South African accent for the movie as she couldn’t master the Aussie one.

So I’ve decided to go in another direction (have you ever been unsuccessful in a job interview? then you should be familiar with that phrase) and will mix the first two choices plus the misquote to give….."A Dingo Ate My Blog". Nah, It just doesn’t sit well, I like the Barbie one so that’s what I’m going with.

Thanks to everyone who participated.